Angel Wing Tattoos, Designs, Pictures, and Ideas

tattoo designsWings are often considered a distinctive angelic symbol and are emblematic of divine beauty and innocence. Angel wing tattoos are often expressed as a symbol of spirituality. Angel wing tattoos doesn’t particularly have to pertain to religious themes, as angel wings can have personal significance to the individual wearer. For instance, wings signal the swiftness of flight which can represent freedom and aspiration. Angel wings can symbolize a child-like purity which could add an element of playfulness and innocence to your tattoo. Looking at a pair of wings evokes feelings of majestic calm and harmony.

Angels are associated as messengers, guardians, comforters, and provide an element of spiritual emotion. With angels in mind, angel wings can portray protection, power, generosity, purity, love, wisdom, guidance, and intelligence. Artists of ancient Egypt used angel wings as symbols of might and majesty.

angel wing tattoosThere are several options of how you can wear your angel wing tattoo. Angel wings can be seen on hearts, halos, animals, letters, flowers, a cross, and cherubim and seraphim figures. Angel wings can be attached to anything you desire! A popular design is a memorial tattoo with angel wings attached to initials or a name of a dearly departed loved one. The portrayal of heavenly wings with the name of a lost loved one signals that person who died is now among the angels or is your own personal guardian angel.

A pair of angel wings on the shoulder blades as if a wing is actually joined to the shoulder is rapidly becoming popular. Celebrities like Kelly Osbourne and Nicole Richie are part of this trendy movement of adorning angel wings on the shoulder blades. Wings are versatile enough to be applied anywhere on the body such as an arm, ankle, calves, lower back, or anywhere else.

It is not unusual to see angel wings in various colors. Although white wings symbolize purity and are the standard color, remember that your tattoo is a reflection of who you are and to choose the color you desire. Black wings symbolize danger and can represent fallen angels which are popular among the Gothic community. The color or varied colors of your wings lend an element of beauty and personal exquisite taste.

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  1. britney Said,

    I really like these tattoos…..
    im gonna get an angel wing and a devil wing when i turn 18!!

  2. Jessy Said,

    Hi i have to son and wanted angel wings tatto with my sons names and my husband’s any ideas please? Thank you for your time

  3. pauline Said,

    i have a pic in head on wat it will look like ” ill have 2 big angel wings on my mid back ( but they will look like they have been in a war) with my Orthodox cross in the middle of the tattoo” and then for my second tattoo im getting ” Angel With No Wings” on my lower back soo and all this wen i turn 18

  4. Jacob Said,

    i’ve always loved wing tattoos I’m get a big one when i turn18 (in june!!!! HELL YA!!) abnd i want it to start at my shoulder blades and end by the back of my knees….Any ideas?

  5. rebecca Said,

    i whant to get some wings but what to add my daugther name in it any ideas?????

  6. Michael Said,

    Hey Rebecca just a little idea for your angel wing tattoo, i’m having them done and getting the names of my family inside the feathers.

  7. ella grandjean Said,

    hi i like all of the tatoes that youare showiing up abouv i would like ot get a tatoe with angle wings and then a hart in the mildule of them.

  8. Annie Said,

    My ma said she’d pay for my tat of the angel wings I drew. She said she’d do that for me as a 16th birthday present. I’m pretty happy about it now that it’s just me and her now.

  9. kyle Said,

    im lookin for a tatoe that is half n half i want it to start in the middle of my shoulder blades n have one angel wing cummin out goin over my right shoulder then down my back n half way down i want it to turn into a demonic one, i juss wANT one angel wing not a pair if any one can draw one up send me a a pic at kdavison1432@yahoo. thks

  10. oli Said,

    i wana get 2 big wings but i realy want thm to look real n to look lik thy actualy grew frm my shoulder blades. i’ve always wanted to get my wings bt my moms old skool so tht means til im out her house. xb

  11. Monique, Q. Said,

    Hello, My name is Monique i’m a 30 year woman who just gave birth to my son, But he died the same day… I’m looking to get some tatts in his name and I want his name in angel wins. I’m looking for the best tatt artest as will.

  12. Priscilla Said,

    I’m turning 18 next week and I want to get a angel and devil wing! :) I’m just not sure where to get it , but I’m not sure if it would look funny on the back of my neck :( Would it?

  13. erica Said,

    i just had my son two weeks ago and didnt make it i want to get his feet print and his name in it any ideas?

  14. Haley Said,

    I think angels wings can look.beautifulwhen done right.but I don’t like the idea if one angek wing and one devil wing….it look awkward and you probably won’t like it later on in life.i have 2 tattoos now and I’m 19.but I hope to get some angek wings on my back possibly or I’m going to get stars ..i like the idea of kidd names inside angek wings also ! Very cute and means alot to you

  15. Bonnieeeee x Said,

    i love wing tattoos, i want to get song on my shoulders with a cross in the middle and the fibonacci sequence underneath…. and by the way monique, my prayers and sentiments go out to you xxx

  16. Bobbi Said,

    I kind of want wing tattoos that start on my upper and inner shoulder blades and are spread so that the tips touch my shoulders… what do you guys think?

  17. Kaylie Said,

    I have wanted a set of wings on my back for a long time but I have a cross in between my shoulder blades I was wondering if I got a set of wings if there is any way to make it look good? Please give me some tips..

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