Animal Tattoos, Designs, Pictures, and Ideas

Practically everyone has at least one animal that they feel a particular fondness for; these are usually house pets like dogs, cats; occasionally birds, fish or even amphibians. Sometimes people prefer beasts with a wilder streak, or have a soft spot for the more unusual life forms. Whatever your own particular favorite may be, there are an endless amount of ways to express your appreciation for wildlife with your animal tattoos.

Land animal tattoos are amongst the most popular; especially some of the fiercer creatures, such as lions, tigers and wolves. With any of these animals, you could create a vast outdoor scene; show them in unrealistic depictions, or simply show the animal all by itself. For instance, you could depict a horse (a symbol of freedom and grace) galloping through a rolling green meadow; you could show a coyote (the trickster in Native American lore) changing its shape, or simply show a giraffe (an emblem for psychic vision and intuitiveness) with its long neck climbing up the side of your leg.
animal tattoos
Marine animal tattoos are also quite popular. The dolphin remains a favored creature for tattoo art, as it can be used in a variety of ways, and is a symbol for a free, kind and playful nature. Crabs are usually shown in their astrological incarnation; however, many people like to create a more futuristic look with this animal because of its otherworldly appearance. Zooplankton are also used for very similar reasons, and also because they tend to symbolize a ‘free-floating’ nature and a certain amount of softness. For a very unusual style, you could use the image of a copepod; these are tiny creatures with a nearly transparent, tear-shaped body and long, red antennae.

Occasionally insects are featured in animal tattoos. Although these small creatures give most people the creeps, many others are fascinated by their unusual look, fascinating history and deep symbolism. For instance, the spider is widely thought to be a symbol of creativity and growth; you could easily depict an unnatural looking spider with large, seductive, human-like eyes wrapping small men into her web. Butterflies, bees and scorpions are also quite popular for this genre of animal tattoos. One interesting idea would be to create a realistic firefly leaving a trail of sparkling yellow and orange vapor behind it.

Everyone has their personal favorites when it comes to animals; but the sheer variety, beauty and symbolism that these remarkable creatures hold has long been, and will likely always remain, a source of inspiration for artists, and tattoo wearers alike.

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