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Armband tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo styles. This is largely due to the fact that they make great starter tattoos, and if placed high on the arm, are very discreet. They can also be incredibly versatile in terms of design.

Many people start with something simple. Pattern designs are the most commonly seen style in armband tattoos. Celtic designs are a classic option; they are elaborate, laden with symbolism and meaning, and easy to change so as to make them your own. Hawaiian armband tattoos are also very popular, as these can be used because of both their aesthetic appeal, and because of their cultural significance. Tribal patterns work great because they are not only stylish in appearance, but because you can create a continuous pattern to reach all the way around the arm.
armband tattoos
Although most armband tattoos are patterns, some people may choose something a bit more intricate. For instance, a film strip armband may be a unique touch. This design can feature varying parts of an actual film, or ‘scenes’ from the life of the wearer. Dream catcher tattoos are also a good example of this, and can feature anything from animals, feathers and very detailed bead work.

Some people also like to use jewelry in their armband tattoos. A single strand of pearls or a heavy chain with an old watch face dangling at the end. Significant birthstones or lockets with a photo of a loved one embedded into the picture are not uncommon to see in this style.

Alternative styles are also quite favored. Gothic armbands featuring barbed wire, flames and skulls; astrological designs showing the wearers stars and planets; even binary code are all used to create unique tattoo pieces.

Although armband tattoos may not be that unusual, it is very easy to make them into something unique. Be creative with your piece, have fun with it and make sure that it is something you absolutely love.

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  1. Shorty Said,

    I was wanting a wrist tatto that goes right around my wrist and possibly up my arm a little for my first tattoo. Would you have any tips or advise as to what i should get?

  2. pat Said,

    I have been thinking about my first tattoo design too. For years. I have settled on a couple that have some meaning… and are what i hope are timeless designs. i have decided to keep it simple… going with a nautical star for my first one, maybe black and red, a solid red lion to represent my family heritage for my second, and possible a celtic armband design also.

    So think about something that means something… and is not trendy per say

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