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Although banner tattoos in and of themselves do not have any particular meaning, they make for fantastic backdrops to significant text. Aside from the usual scroll banners, you may also find that these background pieces can be made up of important symbols, and may very well be just as meaningful as the wording you add to it.

The most commonly seen banner tattoos are made up of the traditional scrolling style. These banners may either be silky and ribbon-like, or they may look similar to parchment paper. Many of these pieces tend to roll to one side, creating a marked curve at one end; however, they may also have distinctive folds at both ends, and are generally quite smooth throughout the center. Actual scrolls are also frequently used for this style, but are usually opened only part of the way. Though they may be seen on their own, these banner tattoos are often draped over other items such as hearts, swords, and stars, and generally bear single words like “Mom,” “Dad,” or the names of other significant people in the wearer’s life.

Some of the more symbolic banner pieces consist of things such as wings, crosses, and crowns. They may be wrapped around the horns of a raging bull; they may slither around the length of a snake; or fly to the opposite side of a flag. They may also incorporate longer banners, which bear poems, shorts stories or song lyrics. In this style you might find larger images such as portraits – which may also include names and dates – massive bouquets of flowers, detailed pictures of maps, or even bones. In fact, some of the more popular symbolic pieces include full skeletons that proudly hold the banner between their spindly fingers. Other popular designs include birds soaring with the banner flapping between their wings, or below their feet; draped around a burning, dripping candle; or slung precariously around the curves of a pin up model.

Even though banner tattoos are not the most significant pieces all by themselves, they can leave you with a good deal of color and space for creating something that is truly meaningful, and completely unique to you.

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