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Batman is a cultural icon. Most of us came to know and love Batman from an early age, and for many people, the appeal of this character does not seem to wane. Batman tattoos may express a love of the character, or a connection with their innocence and the excitement of watching the shows, movies, or reading the comic books.

Some Batman tattoos feature the original version of this character. Unlike the more recent incarnation, the original Batman comic books had darker themes, and Bob Kane’s first draft of Batman was slightly different than the one we know now. This image would make for a unique piece; the character’s first manifestation actually depicted a very common superhero physique with red tights, a domino mask, bat wings, and was shown swinging from a rope. You could also use some of the earlier depictions of the more recognizable figure of Batman; a black cowl, cape, gloves and boots with a yellow belt, gray tights and upper body with the logo of a bat on his chest.

Many Batman tattoos, however, feature a more modern version. They may show a leather sheathed Batman from the back, hands on hips and standing atop a large building gazing over the city, as the bat signal appears on another part of the wearer’s body. Some people prefer to use a portrait-like image of this character; it may be fashioned after an overblown image of the male ‘ideal’, or may show actors such as Lewis Wilson, Adam West, Michael Keaton or even the most recent, Christian Bale.

Less frequently seen, but equally interesting are Batman tattoos featuring actual scenes from the well loved comic books. These may feature anything from Batman sparring with the Joker, being seduced by Catwoman or standing victoriously alongside the Boy Wonder after a battle. Many of these designs can come directly from the imagination of the wearer, or be a favored and long poured over strip straight from the comics.

Batman tattoos may be in one of the more infrequently used genres of style, but given that Batman has an enduring nature as a pop culture icon, it is not likely that this is a piece you will ever get tired of having.

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  1. LIL FLACA Said,


  2. admin Said,

    try checking out these broken heart designs

  3. tiffany Said,

    Hi. I’m looking for a batman and joker lower back tattoo. I love them both since I was a kid. I need help!!

  4. Alisha Said,


  5. derek Said,

    i have the batman symbol outline on my back, shoulder blade to shoulder blade. i dont wanna fill it in with just a solid color or somethin. im looking for a great and not so common idea. can i get some help?

  6. Romanian Said,

    hey i’m looking for a joker holding aces cards colored design , pls help ty

  7. Ben Said,

    I love batman more than any other icon. Im going to get a creative story telling tattoo. The batsymbol’s light will appear on my upper right thigh and on my upper chest will be the symbol in the sky with on my left shoulder will be batman standing on a building looking at it.

  8. Garrett Said,

    @derek, dude fill it in like cracked stone it looks way sick

  9. Zoe Said,

    Hey i really want to get a batman symbol tattoo… i want it to be the original colors(black & yellow) but i heard yellow won’t show up on my skin tone…

  10. Haley Said,

    I just got the Batman symbol on my lower back.

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