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Bible verse tattoos are usually worn by those with a strong conviction in their Christian faith. However, these verses aren’t worn solely by those with strong convictions; some of the messages that they convey can stretch beyond spiritual beliefs, and are worn to inspire both the wearer, and the people that surround them.

When considering bible verse tattoos, it is important to remember that many of them are very, very long. So, whether it be for body art or otherwise, people tend to paraphrase, or take smaller portions of the verse that contain the meaning they want to convey. However, full verses can be placed on larger areas of the body such as the shoulders or back; they can also be wrapped around an arm or a leg. For a variation on this placement, you could start your verse at the top of the shoulder, and twist the words around your arm until you reach the wrist.

When it comes to bible verse tattoos, many people prefer to do something simple; the worlds alone are usually enough. However, you may also see verses translated into Latin, Italian, and – albeit less frequently – in kanji script. You may see the verse in small, scrawling letters (as if written by hand), or in large, bold gothic print. They are usually done in simple blank ink, but you may occasionally see them in shining, golden hues; dark blues, or occasionally in brighter reds or oranges. They may also be placed within a skin toned, white, or brightly colored ribbon. These are generally on the larger side, and are usually placed across the chest, shoulders, or around a hip.

Some people prefer bible verse tattoos that are a bit bolder in design. These are often surrounded by other religious symbols such as doves, the Ichthys symbol, crosses, or even palm fronds (Christian symbols of victory and martyrdom). Many people also like to enhance their bible verse tattoos with an intricate border. These may be something as simple as a vine of ivy or white lilies surrounding the print; or something more ornate, like a gilded frame or a gem-like mosaic. For a different take on adding a border, you could surround your verse with a book, or rather, an open bible. You could also place you script within something akin to a stained glass window. This ‘window’ frame could vaguely depict the scene from which your particular verse was plucked.

Although bible verse tattoos are used predominately by people of Christian or Catholic faiths, the messages that they express have a universal appeal that make them both a fascinating and enduring piece of art.

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  1. Dawn Said,

    Hey – I am wanting to use the torn flesh, bible verse tattoo photo for the cover of one of my novels. names in the photo web address line are Chris and Shawn. it is on the back right shoulder blade, looks like torn skin with a bible verse inked underneath. Reply would be most appreciated. Dawn

  2. JD Said,

    that forearm verse would be cool if they didn’t misspell Psalms…. so nice tat moron!

  3. Libby Davis Said,

    I am always amazed at what people will do to their bodies. I wonder what exactly would inspire someone to do such a large piece of work that has so much meaning to many different people.

  4. Anna Said,

    I agree with JD…kinda sucks they spelled Psalms the wrong way. But other than that, I thought that tattoo was awesome! My favorite would have to be the one that says ‘THIS IS LOVE’ and has the verse on it. I want that one!! Haha

  5. natalie Said,

    Wow that really stinks to have that spelled wrong on your body forever! I’m so scared about that happening when I get mine

  6. MJ Said,

    I really like the ‘Corinthians 13:13′ tattoo… because there are 2 Corinthians. Really, do some research before you get a ‘trendy’ tattoo.

  7. CDM Said,

    MJ .. Google it.

    Corinthians 13:13 (New International Version, ©2010)

    13 And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

  8. Katie Said,

    I want a short but meaningful bible verse to go across my foot…any suggestion?

  9. JSS Said,

    Hey CDM,
    MJ is still right. There are two Corinthians, so a person wouldn’t know which one it was by just reading Corinthians 13:13.

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