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Breast cancer tattoos invariably have a deep meaning to their wearers; they have either survived the disease themselves, have a loved one who has suffered with it, or want to make a bold statement in support of cancer research. Whatever the reason, the symbols and designs used for breast cancer tattoos show onlookers the strength and courage of the person who displays them.

One of the most common symbols you will see with breast cancer tattoos is the pink ribbon. Some people may choose to use this design by itself, but many prefer to mix it with other emblems of particular meaning to them. It is not uncommon to see a pink ribbon draped around a cross, dangling over a heart, or have the names of a loved one, and occasionally even dates; these often represent the time of diagnosis to the time of healing, and are frequently placed at the bottom of the pink ribbon, or around the curves. Another variation is to use the ribbon to create words of strength such as ‘hope’ and ‘faith.’

Some breast cancer tattoos may be memorials to those who have fought with this disease. These designs may also feature names and dates, and they often display a portrait of the family member or friends. These portraits may also depict symbols of importance to this person, such as family, objects of their interests or passions; things that represent who they were as people.

Many breast cancer survivors opt to tattoo over their scars. These tattoos can vary; some prefer to use them for anatomical reconstruction purposes, others may place a symbol of their survival, and some may simply use a bold design to mask the scar tissue. The latter two are often seen as a transformation, or a last step in their healing process. Although the pink ribbon is regularly seen in these pieces, many people prefer to shy away from it; they often feel that they want to express who they are, rather than what they have suffered.

There are many ways to represent support to those who are afflicted, and many ways to express strength throughout their battles; either way, breast cancer tattoos will always be a reminder to their wearers of themself and others who struggle.

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  1. love brest cancer pics Said,

    omg these pics are way cool i love walking for the RACE FOR CURE every year

  2. michele Said,

    i am a breast cancer survivor i had a tramflap in which recently i decided to complete the surgery to my surprise my insurance dose not cover tatooing for nipples:( do u knw of anyone in this situation and is there any type of support out there? If so please infrm me so i can share with others that are going thru the same delima!!!!! Thank you:)

  3. Tia Nichole Said,

    Breast cancer runs in my fathers side of the family, I am a big supporter for Breast Cancer Awareness, if I had a job I would be donating as much as I could to the cause but since I do not I always make sure to buy related products that will help support.
    I plan on getting a pink breast cancer ribbon tattoo’d on my hand or behind my right ear, I also designed my class ring and put the breast cancer ribbon on the sides.

  4. Isabel... Said,

    my mom is a breast cancer survivor

    these ideas are great.

  5. dulcey darville Said,

    To michele,

    I also am a breast cancer survivor of seven years. I choose to have a skin saving mastectomy of my
    right breast and to also have a transflap. It was very successfull and i was able to have my areola area
    color tattoed to match my other breast. But my doctor had to fight for my insurance to pay. My understanding since i was dignosed was that the insurance com. have to pay to put you back to make
    your breast look as normal as possible and to match it to your other breast. Have you plastic surgeon
    and oncologist advicate for you! Its your right to feel as good about yourself as possible! Best of luck

  6. shannon Said,

    I am a breast cacner survivor. MY tatoo is going to have angel wings the pink ribbon 11 comophaged in the wings for the 11 angels we lost thorugh miscarrage and quads through ectopic and then my diagnosis date. between the bottom ribbons. Im not a tattoo kind of person but I have been having this need to do it. I will place it on my shoulder blade. My tatoo has more than one meaning. I cant wait to have it done. I will do it after my reconstruction is complete. i was stage3a breast cancer bilateral mastectomy diagnosed 9-26-08 and I was just approved for reconstruction by my doctors as Treatment had many barriers and im blessed to have made it through with in 6 months my husband i and my dog all had cancer. poor pete died 12-10-08 liver and brain cancer. We are blessed everyday to wake up cancer free.

  7. Christopher Dolph Said,

    My mom recently died from a long battle with breast cancer. She was always against any type of tatoos but i was very surprised when she got an angel tatoo with a pink ribbon after her surgery. I would like to get one in memory of her. i am looking for a tribal design of a flowing angel for my arm. Any help would be appreciated, i am not an artist.

  8. Cindy Said,

    Hello All! I am a survivor of two years and have not yet had the areola matched with my other breast. I still need a FOURTH surgery to clean up what my original buthcher did to me. (Had a tramflap on left with right reduction) This new doc is great! Anyway want to NOT have the areola matched and want to opt instead for a tattoo design. Any ideas? I already have a pink ribbon on my shoulder with my childrens name inside. Was thinking fantasy type. My fiance is very involved in this choice so gentlemen please provide input as well!!!!! Thanks and God Bless to the other women and their families struggling with this horrific disease…

  9. Cindy Said,

    Oh yeah-e-mails with your ideas are welcome!

  10. melissa Said,

    I was diaganosed with breast cancer last aug 2009 and finished my chemo in jan 2010 at the age of 31. I have 6 children and a husband. I just recently got my expanders replaced with whats called gummy bear implants and my doctor tells me insurance will cover the nipple reconstruction to. Sometimes I wonder if I should of talked to the doctor about the tramflap. The gummybears are really cool but I was wondering from someone who has the tramflap if they fill more natural because I have no breast tissue left. I had a double mastectomy due to having the bracca jene. I found after getting implants that because I dont have breast tissue that it wasent what I expected. Anyone else have any thoughts on look or feel of tram flap and what about stomach muscles.

  11. Cindy Said,

    Melissa-my stomach muscles are numb and it feels weird. You never get used to it. But my tummy looks great. Though the scar is way icky. My one tramflap breast feels pretty natural though it needs fixing and ultimately may need to be changed to an implant. I am just gonna decorate it it with pretty tats maybe and call it a day. Just that my original surgeon sucked basically. So it depends on the surgeon. Six kids! Wow. I will pray for you girl! You never recover completely from chemo and you have your hands full. Let everyone you have around you help you and dont be a hero. Try to enjoy life and your children and husband to the max. C

  12. Brandy Said,

    Michelle. There is a foundation called beauty through cancer that does nipple 3D tattooing. I have seem her work and she does a fantastic job if you want more info on her email me

  13. Deseree Cundiff Said,

    I am getting a tattoo this weekend. I was 26 when I had cancer and finsihed with my chemo. I am now 32. I was not able to finish with my reconstruction (the tattooing part) because I made to much for Medicaid, but couldn’t afford insurance on my own. So after 3 years of this I have decided to get a tattoo done instead. I am hoping that I can put an end to me feeling incomplete with this. My boyfriend and I sat down together to design my tattoo. If anyone is interested in seeing the finished product, let me know. I am still not sure if I will get it on my breast or my sholder. A part of me wants it on my breast to say that I am done with it… My e-mail addy is

    Deseree Cundiff

  14. Bill Said,

    I just lost my mom to breast cancer. I want to represent her and what she fought for and against. I am a 32 year old male who is looking to incorporate some kind of tribal tattoo into the pink awarness ribbon that will both be bad ass and honorable at the same time. If any one has any ideas I would to see them. Thank you and Fight ON!!! to email pics my add. is

  15. jessica Said,

    I’m fixing to get a breast cancer tattoo, but i just don’t know where to get it.. any ideas?

  16. Deseree Cundiff Said,

    Well it depends on your story… I had mine done on my right shoulder since that was the side that I had my cancer on.

  17. Carla Brown Said,

    I am a bcs…had a bilateral in 2008. I am considering a full breast tattoo…perhaps a lotus flower. The one photo I saw actually enhanced the reconstruction. I am 51, an artist, and this will be my first tattoo. I wish all who have travelled this journey, whether it be personally or a loved one, enlightenment and good health. Remember beauty comes from within. :)

  18. Kari Said,

    I was 29 when diagnosed this year with stage 3 breast cancer. I have 3 others in my maternal family with it and we are now in a genetic study (BRCA negative for all of us). I had a double mastectomy in march but due to a bad infection lost my left tissue expander. I just had it replaced last week (after finishing my chemo. I’m doing a ribbon stating survivor on top of my foot and an ankle bracelet with a ribbon for each person I know with cancer! I’m not too worried about my nipples or ariolas matching as long as I have 2 boobs

  19. Kari Said,

    Wishing you all well with tattoos and all else involved with this disease!

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