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Carpe Diem tattoos have acquired quite a bit of popularity over time. There are few other sayings that truly capture and exemplify the tattoo enthusiast’s attitude towards life like ‘seize the day,’ and this particular piece expresses that passionate zest for living in such a simple way that no other design or expression can really compete with it.

The majority of Carpe Diem tattoos that you will see will come in a simple text form. These pieces can be done in every style of writing, from Gothic to cursive, in ambigrams and cursive. Many people like to place their simple Carpe Diem tattoos in one block on larger areas of the body, while others will prefer to let the words stand independently. For example, you may see ‘Carpe’ placed on one shoulder, and ‘Diem’ placed on the other. This can be done on arms, legs, hips, or on the chest and collarbone.

Some people like to take a more artistic approach with their Carpe Diem tattoos. For instance, this particular style may include the actual words wrapped around a visual representation, like the changing of seasons (to express the need to capture every season unto itself); or a person in a state of action, like running, bike riding, or performing. You may also see representations of this statement in connection with love, like the words emblazoned onto a banner wrapped around a heart, or two lovers locked in an embrace.

Many of the Carpe Diem tattoos around will surround the text with other symbols that the wearer feels are connected with the notion of seizing the day. For instance, the first and last letter of each word may be connected to a wing; legs in a state of motion may be placed at the bottom of each letter, or the saying may simply be placed at the center of a blooming flower. Some people like to include borders which may or may not express this exciting attitude, but simply look attractive. Scrolling designs, flowers, Celtic knots and tribal patterns are by far the most popular for this style. Sun, moon, stars, birds and elongated dragons are also great borders for this type of tattoo.

It is understandable why Carpe Diem tattoos have achieved a certain amount of popularity: these pieces express something that we all want to do, something that we as human beings crave, and should always strive for: the will and capacity to seize every day as if it was our last.

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