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Although many Christians frown upon body art in general, there are quite a few who believe that Christian tattoos are an enduring way to express their faith. Christian tattoos tend to depict significant symbols within the religion including crosses, scriptures and certain religious figures such as saints, apostles and even occasionally angels.

The vast majority of Christian tattoos feature simple and discreet symbols that are dogmatically relevant. One of the most recognizable of these symbols is the “Ichthus” — or better known in more modern circles, the “Jesus fish.” These symbols are usually quite simply done in black and feature two lines intersecting in a ribbon-like fashion, which gives the appearance of a fish. Some people like to use the Greek lettering, which translates into “Jesus, Christ, God’s, Son, Savior.” Another example of this style is the seven doves. The dove is an emblem for the Holy Spirit; in this depiction there are seven birds forming a circle around the letters ‘SS’, which stand for ‘Spiritu Sancti,’ and represents the seven gifts received by the Holy Spirit in Revelations.

Many Christian tattoos also feature a variety of crosses. A very simple cross without a great deal of ornamentation seems to be favored. However, the Greek cross (which has four equal sides, and occasionally has an almost three-dimensional appearance), and the Celtic cross (which is quite similar to its simpler counterpart, but distinguishable by the circle placed around the upper crossbar), are also quite popular. These two designs tend to have quite a bit more detail such as Celtic knot work, gem-like colors and occasionally flowers and ivy etched into them. One unusual idea for this particular design is that of the Triumphant Cross. This cross is said to represent Jesus Christ’s place of glory, whilst reigning over the planet. The image of this cross generally shows a simple cross firmly rooted into an orb; occasionally stars are placed above the cross to represent both the Earth and the sky.

Although Christian tattoos are meant to represent a fervent faith, they are also quite extraordinary all on their own. With centuries of art dedicated purely to this particular religion, you will without a doubt find something that will serve as an aesthetically pleasing reminder to you about the convictions of your beliefs.

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