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Although cloud tattoos are rarely made up purely of the vast, billowy thunderheads we see in the sky, they are occasionally morphed and restructured in beautiful ways so as to make them the focal point of a number of pieces. To many people, clouds carry something of a dogmatic symbolism; they are often meant to express heaven, as well as a higher truth. To others, they may represent everything from mystery or inner turmoil, to fertility or creativity. However, many people choose these pieces solely for their ethereal beauty, and they are most commonly used to accentuate much larger scenes.

Religion-themed cloud tattoos are by far the most commonly seen. These are often done in a cartoon style which may consist of chubby-cheeked cherubs; pinup angels; or a variety of deities with exaggerated features. One great example of this would be the celestial Buddhist god Vairocana, who is associated with the Bliss Body. The Bliss Body refers to a brilliant, nearly transparent light which emanates from holy figures. In this form of art, you could easily meld the Bliss Body of Vairocana with puffy, translucent clouds. Other religious-based pieces tend to consist of more realistic images, the scenes of which are often culled from famous paintings such as, “A Soul Brought to Heaven” by William-Adolphe Bouguereau, and, “The Last Judgment” by Michelangelo.

Many people choose cloud tattoos that take on a truly realistic approach. These may consist of popular landscape paintings like John Constable’s “Seascape Study with Rain Cloud,” or Ken Bushe’s “Cloud Composition.” However, these pieces are generally pulled from photographs, and are often placed above large landscape scenes – sometimes bright and cheerful above a field of symbolic blossoms, at other times dark and foreboding. Though these images may be based in realism, they are often created with splashes of color. The cloud itself may become a prism of bright hues, or it may simply be placed before a solid, or multicolored background. Realistic cloud tattoos are sometimes transformed into a variety of styles. For example, the cloud may remain billowy in appearance, but may be re-shaped into a diamond, heart or perfect circle; a chain of clouds could easily be formed to fit around an arm or ankle; or the shape of a flower could burst forth from a frothy, white cloud.

Although clouds are a rather unusual choice for body art, they are extremely versatile and attractive; what is more, they allow you to be a little creative with your piece. Whether you are using them as a backdrop to an elaborate scene, or inventing a new design from the ground up, clouds will certainly add a touch of unique and mysterious charm.

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