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In the Western world, cobra tattoos are generally meant to indicate both sensuality and danger, as snakes (especially the more deadly varieties) are thought to be a symbol of treacherous temptation. In the Eastern world, however, cobras are revered and thought to be a symbol of power, and even the appearance of them at ones door is thought to be a good omen. Cobras have even found their way into becoming deities.

Given that there are over 200 types of this particular brand of serpent, there is quite a bit to choose from for your cobra tattoos. One of the world’s longest venomous snakes, and by far the most popular for body art, is the king cobra. These snakes can be done in their natural hues of dark brown, fading into a light yellow; however, many people prefer to use a stark green tone with a bright yellow underbelly. Another popular cobra is the Naja kaouthia; these come in several colors, but are most commonly done in a dark black, or bright yellow shade, with a contrasting hue for the underbelly and oval marking at the back of its hood. For a more unique idea you could create a leucistic monocled cobra (or an albino Naja Kaouthia) that looks as if it is made of pearls with diamonds for the design on its back, possibly with rubies or sapphires as eyes, and a dash of gold from its flicking tongue or fangs.

Many people prefer cobra tattoos that look less realistic. For example, one may create a heart shape out of the hood and face of the cobra; you may see the tail being melded into a shooting flame, or see it wrapped around an arm and made to look like jewelry. Another interesting idea would be to form the hooded head into something similar in appearance to a comet, while the body trailing behind it could be made of smaller stars.

Whether they are a symbol of fear or luck, cobra tattoos have definitely had a marked increase in popularity; and however you choose to depict them, they are certain to catch a lot of attention.

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