Cross Tattoos, Designs, Pictures, and Ideas

Frequently, cross tattoos are meant to represent the everlasting faith that the wearer feels towards his or her religious beliefs. However, the meaning may be different or more complex depending upon the type of cross and how it is worn. For instance, a Celtic cross may represent a pride in heritage, while a Gothic cross often signifies a certain lifestyle. When crosses are worn upside-down, they usually symbolize a mocking of faith, while a cross bathed in light may be meant to extol that same faith.

Greek cross tattoos are by far the most common style in this particular type of tattoo. This style is most often used in religious pieces, either as a simple “t” shape, made into a crucifix or rendered into an elaborate design that encompasses other religious symbols. In addition to the simpler version of this cross, there are several variations that can make for a more interesting design. For instance, the budded cross bears three interlinked circles at the end of each point. These circles may be made simple and dark, or may appear to be carved into wood or marble. Another interesting variation on this style is the Russian Orthodox cross, which bears two extra pieces – one above the cross piece, and the second sitting diagonally across the trunk.

Some cross tattoos take the familiar Greek pattern and reshape certain parts of it, as is the case with the cross pattee. This style is characterized by a narrow cross section that expands at the tips of the arms. One of the most recognizable forms of the cross pattee is the iron cross. Some feel that this particular pattern should be avoided – especially in the color black – as it was, unfortunately, once used as a symbol of hatred. In modern times, this symbol is often worn as an emblem of courage and honor.

Celtic and Gothic cross tattoos are very popular pieces that often serve to represent both religious beliefs and a pride in culture. The Celtic cross is made up of a long, vertical line that – like the Greek cross – has a second, horizontal line that intersects with the first. This line curves up to form a circle that symbolizes the unending love of God. These pieces often bear intricate knotwork patterns and are often printed in colors of gray, black and brown. Gothic crosses are sometimes similar in appearance to the Celtic variety, and also frequently display elaborate patterns. However, these pieces typically depict darker images like skeletons, bats or blood, which are usually made to looked as though they were carved into the cross.

Some unique, though less commonly used, types of cross tattoos consist of the lauburu and the Coptic cross. The lauburu is made up in the usual “t” pattern; however, the arms are formed into curved tear shapes. The Coptic cross can be done in a variety of ways that depict its evolution, which began as a top-rounded ankh-like cross and ended in an elaborate Greek cross style.

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  1. tevin Said,

    how much do u think it will cost for a tattoo on your forearm, medium size tattoo?

  2. anne marie Said,

    hi im looking for a funky cross tattoo that will go on the middle of back

  3. admin Said,


    medium sized cross tattoos I would say anywhere from $150-$300. Depends on how much color and detail work is involved. Remember to consider the tip as well, if you have some extra $$$

  4. Mattie Said,

    I’m looking for a cross tattoo that i can integrate with skeleton wings and some other things for a memorial back piece to the people in my life

  5. David Said,

    Perhaps trying checking out these posts as well to see if you can’t come up with any ideas.

  6. cortne Said,

    i want to get a tattoo behind my ear going down my neck but i dont know what i should get. have any ideas?

  7. 361_texas_boi Said,

    my name is ryan and im gettin a tat of a cross with my mom & dads names in it (14/24 on the first page of cross tattoos)

  8. admin Said,

    right on man, upload it to the forum when its finished

  9. Marc Said,

    Hey, i really like the Cross tattoo which is the 1st picture in the 4th column down, the cross with the hands praying in it… i was thinking of getting it id just like to know if i just print out the pic or if there is another way to get the stencil etc…

  10. pauline trikkis Said,

    hi… i cant wait to get my first tat but how much you recon it will cost for my lower bac black nd white medium size??? ily to all my grilzz

  11. Q Said,

    I’m looking forward 2 getting my 1st tat. I want 1 on ma arm a cross. My neck maybe a music note…and chest, 2 represent my mom 1 angel wing on the right side of my chest (maybe leading to my arm, shoulder area with her name on it)

  12. Colton Said,

    I was wondering, how much would it cost to get that third tattoo, that is the blue cross with the angel wings, I would put the cross centered on my back, spine, and have the wings come off onto my shoulders. Also how difficult would it be to change the color from blue to red?

  13. Kimberly Said,

    i am looking for a butterfly with a cross tattoo…any ideas? im looking for something somewhat small, and girlish

  14. Admin - David Said,

    Something like this? You can try checking these butterfly tattoos as well

  15. chris Said,

    hi all im looking for a tattoo and wondering if u could help

  16. chris Said,

    it is an “only god can judge me tattoo” it’s basically a cross and on the arms it has a a scale such as the one for justice ans the other has a book both hanging from the cross

  17. Admin - David Said,

    Check out:

  18. Amber Said,

    do you have any turtles or like cross i want a cross but also a turtle can you do anything like that. how much does that run?

  19. ciera Said,

    hey, i was looking for a good cross i could get between my shoulder blades for a memorial tattoo for my bestfriend that died a year ago on August 18. He was only 17 years old. He died of suicide. So i was wondering if you could help me out and find a good design cause i want his name birthday and d.o.d on there. so yeah get back at me if you can. thanks

  20. Aaron Said,

    Im looking for a unique cross witha trical mixed in to go up near my shoulder blades do you have any ideas or suggestions?

  21. Elisibeth Said,

    im looking for something unique. something that i can put on my shoulder with my gpa’s death date. any one have any ideas for me?

  22. stonewall Said,

    i need some help i am trying to finish up my back peace ok here is my problem i have a 6in. cross in the middle of my back that says only god can judge me and to the left 3 hearts that tear down that says love me now i need to think of something that stands for hate so it will read love me , hate me only god can junge me

  23. KVAGirl Said,

    I have a cross tattoo on my back that I totally LOVE – can I upload to your site? Thanks!

  24. sand man555 Said,

    I’m looking for a cool one for my leg.

  25. Ron Said,

    I am looking for a cross tattoo for my upper arm. I want something that is squared but isn’t just a plain cross. Any suggestions on where to look?

  26. toshua Said,

    hey does anybody no what website i can go 2 c dis tat i want its a cross and it says only god can judge me

  27. austin Said,

    hi i was intersted in getting atattoo of my last name on my upper back (blasingame0 in old english lettering and two nautical stars on my upper back shoulder area both as big as possible how much would u say it will cost?

  28. Libby Davis Said,

    It is really interesting to see all the different pictures and read the descriptions of tattoos that people are looking for and wanting to find. Thanks for all the great ideas

  29. ashlee Said,

    hey im looking for a bigish cross, with a yellow rose in the middle with a scroll around the cross with my brothers name, birthdate and death date in the sroll/ribbon, help?

  30. Loretta Said,

    I’m looking to get my first two tattoos. I am 50 and to be honest for years I didn’t think tattoos were a good thing but after reading the meanings, I’m all for it. I’m not a wuss and have a high pain tolerance, however, I’m thinking of a cross with a rose on my right inside of arm – not too big and wondered about time and pain. I’m also thinking of a vine of roses on my lower outside of leg maybe up a bit from the ankle. Any advice? Thanks!

  31. Mark Said,

    I want a tattoo of a cross with nails somewhat realistic and then with the A.A. Logo encircled in it. I’d like to get something like this on my left shoulder (hopefully to cover a tat I got long ago).

  32. Ranuka Said,

    Hey my boyfriend wants to do a cross right above his wrist on the inside, nothing overly big do you have any ideas??

  33. B.T.Flesh Said,

    i want a tatoo for a memory for mii grandma cause when ever i want 2 see her i just look 2 mii right arm and she is right there 2 miii side

  34. ernie Said,

    im looking for a cross tattoo that has a rebel flag around it for my upper arm and about how much would it cost?

  35. jessica Said,

    does it hurt to get a tattoo between your shoulder blades

  36. jake Said,

    how much for a cross that would fill up my back and a freinds name on it

  37. aireal Said,

    Hey do you know where i can find a heart with a wooden cross through it? And also my friend and i want tu get small matching tattoos (not girly but not to harsh) but i want it where i can cover it up and she wants it on her hip or some place where it wont hurt. any suggestions?

  38. christian Said,

    Hello, I was thinking of a cross made of nails with a crown of thorns around it. You have anything?

  39. Chrissy Said,

    I am looking for a small tat for my foot, I want a cross made of rose vines (with purple roses) and some how work Matt 28:19 in it too (not the whole verse just that)

  40. Karen Said,

    I want to get a tattoo of a cross with a rosary wrapped around it. Know where I can find a picture of one.

  41. beck Said,

    i was looking for a tribal cross tattoo, but i want it all like woven vines.
    its for a 18yr olds upper back, want the length of the cross to go down my spine with the top part of the cross higher up, not quite centred, all in an intricate feminine kind of way? can anyone help me find one?

  42. trent Said,

    how much would a tattoo with a 6 letter last name arched across and a medium sized cross underneath? and could you find any pictures of something similar to this

  43. erin Said,

    im trying to think of a tattoo i want for all three of my kids..any ideas?

  44. tiffany Said,

    i need a good website of crosses that i can draw on my wall and put in loving memory of my sister if anyone know any then please email me at thanks i really appreciate it

  45. anthony Said,

    im trying to look for a tattoo of 2 guns one on each arm and when u put yr arms together then it makes a cross. Is that possible to tattoo on each arm to make a cross when putting them together?

  46. David Said,

    Im looking to get a christian tattoo, a cross of some sort on my rib cage. Any ideas??

  47. Carlos Said,

    I’m looking for a tat from a Caravaca cross in light blue colors….anyone???

  48. Biko Said,

    1st tattoo any ideas i want a cross

  49. Sam Said,

    Im looking for a cross tattoo that has angel wings curling over the cross and a devil tail wraping up from the bottom… Anyone?

  50. Nolan3000 Said,

    Hey guys, I really want a cross tattoo of either a cross made mostly out of thorns, or a cross with thorns hanging off and wrapping around it. But, I cannot find any good designs. If anyone could help it be great!!

  51. Kim Said,

    I’m looking for images of the faith,hope and charity symbol (i.e. a cross, heart, and anchor). If anyone has seen this design done well, please post.
    Thanks in advance!

  52. MissMakynzie(: Said,

    Hi, My Name`s Makynzie . Im qoinq too qet a Zebra Printed Cross with my initials in it. Where do you think would be a qood place too qet it &nd its not qoinq too be very biqq . Soooo helpp ! Thanxx . :D

  53. jannica Said,

    im finding a cute cross tattoo .. please help me ??

  54. jannica Said,

    were can i found a tattoo cross?

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