Crown Tattoos, Designs, Pictures, and Ideas

crown tattoosCrowns and crown tattoos mean essentially the same thing; they symbolize superiority, regality and power. These are just basic ideas, however, and many people like to assign their own meaning to this symbol; some prefer something cute, while others may apply a more serious significance.

Many people like to make their crown tattoos to be the main attraction of their artwork. Two of the most popular crown tattoos in this style are the Imperial and tiara crowns. The Imperial crown usually sports a flat, or domed top that has a similar shape to a mushroom, and is surrounded by bands of metal, which is decorated with a multitude of jewels; while a tiara, though smaller, is equally emblazoned in jewels, usually with white diamonds, but occasionally with gems of a dark green, blue or red hue. These may be seen placed by themselves, or they may bear names, dates or sayings such as ‘princess’ or ‘king.’

Some crown tattoos carry a religious significance. For example, a crown of thorns may be placed around an arm; around a star, or atop the sacred heart. The crown of life – which is a symbol of solid faith, even through prosecution – is another popular choice. There are several ways that people like to depict this image; a European crown surrounded in light, or a Latin cross topped with any type of crown. One idea for this style would be to use all five of the Christian crowns – that is, the crowns of life, victory, righteousness, and the soul winner. In this depiction you could show five different crowns in varying styles and colors; one on top, bottom, left and right, and the fifth at the center. You could also add the bible quotes that go with each.

Occasionally people prefer their crowns to actually be worn. They may be placed atop the head of a skeleton, a cartoonish king or queen, or even on an animal, such as a lion or zebra. They may also be placed on a heart, or at the head of an astrological sign.

Crown tattoos tend to make a bold statement of how the wearer sees him or herself. They tell the onlooker that this person may be confident, highly religious, or have complete control over their own life.

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