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Generally speaking, daisy tattoos are often meant to symbolize simplicity and peace. These designs are usually thought to be a feminine style. However, placed alongside contrasting symbols, or in a variety of different colors, daisy tattoos may develop a more unisex appeal.

Although white daisy tattoos are an emblem of purity and innocence, there are a whole plethora of colors you may use to express a variety of meaning. A bold red may show confidence and vitality, while yellow may mean joy and wisdom. Purple can express mystery and seduction, as blue will express peace and spirituality. In this style you can use a single daisy, or a bouquet featuring all of your chosen colors. You can also create a chain to wrap around you arms, legs or stomach with each bloom blossoming from a strong vine.

Daisy tattoos occasionally show an amalgamation between the flower and other symbols. One interesting idea is to play off of the flower’s Olde English derivative of “day’s eye.” In this depiction you can show the simple white daisy, an eye at the center, and the bright rays of the sun behind it. You could also depict the nymph Belides being gently and hazily transformed into the shape of a daisy.

Daisy tattoos can also feature other greenery. Given that all plants are a wellspring of symbolism, it is not unusual to see the daisy placed modestly in a bunch of flora. However, if you would prefer to accentuate your flower, you could make the bouquet of daisies larger, or make a single, oversize daisy at the center of a ring of flowers. You could also depict your flowers as a unique variation of Earth and space. In this instance, the center of the daisy may show small towns and cities, with a bustle of activity on the surface, while your other chosen blooms may depict the surrounding stars and planets.

Most daisy tattoos are quite simple. They generally show a small and discreet white flower blossoming from the skin. However, as you can see above, these tiny, unassuming plants can be used to create wild, creative and stunning pieces of art.

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