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Deers are thought to be one of the most graceful creatures on this planet; deer tattoos are meant to signify that, and the natural elegance, charm and innocence that this animal is a symbol of.

Some deer tattoos depict this animal in one of its many mythic incarnations. For example, you could use the image of Artemis — the Greek hunting goddess — riding a splendorous carriage with four golden-horned deer; for a bit of extra detail, you might also show Hercules presenting a fourth deer to Artemis. In some Native American tribes, deer play an important role; not only are they seen as symbols of love, fertility, regrowth and spirituality, they are also shown in the Native American zodiac for those who are born between May 21st and June 20th. You can easily make a colorful totem style for this design, or show your deer in an outline of stars.

Many people prefer deer tattoos that have a more realistic feel to them. For this style, you will frequently see the bust of a majestic deer with long, sturdy antlers and a peaceful expression on its face. These are usually done by themselves, but occasionally show a background of a cloudy sky, perhaps a rolling field, or even a wood block-style breeze blowing behind it. While the bust may be one of the more popular deer tattoos, it is not uncommon to see a full body style, showing the muscular limbs, short tail with either a smooth, solid tan colored coat, or one that is covered in white spots.

Although most deer tattoos show a gentle creature, some people prefer to create something a little tougher in appearance. One of the most obvious examples would be to depict two bucks charging at one another; however, you can invent many bold and unusual images of this creature. For instance, you could use the skull and antlers for a more severe picture; you could also show a half buck, half body builder amalgamation in a cartoon style. Some people also like to use a tribal design for their deer tattoos with sharp, dark lines; even creating branches that stem from a long, rounded base of a head.

You can invent many images and scenes of this particular animal; however, whatever design you choose, you can wear it with the confidence of knowing that you are wearing one of the ultimate symbols of wild and natural beauty.

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