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To many folks, demon tattoos have significant negative connotations; but to others, demons may be a symbol of the struggle between good and evil. Over time the image of demons has gone from being an emblem of both the good and bad in the divine, to being simply a satanic figure. To other people, demon tattoos may simply be a symbol of their own mischievous nature, or show a connection that they feel to the darker things in life.

Most demon tattoos show the darker side to this image. These figures are usually shown in monotone colors, but when colored they are frequently seen in bold reds, greens and blues. This demon is normally similar in outline to a filled out version of a skull and bones. The teeth are exposed in a menacing grin, and the eyes are sunken in. Another version of this demon is the large, muscular equivalent. Unlike its more skeletal brethren, this version has a large, square-jawed face. However, in both cases, these demons sport a very characteristic waggish grin, which is meant to depict the playfully deleterious nature of this particular creature. This variety of tattoo usually features other symbols such as flames, weapons, barbed wire, tears and even occasionally religious symbols.

There is also a call for cheekier demon tattoos. These are quite often seen in a cartoon style, and tend to show a more cherubic depiction of this figure. These images are usually seen as little red creatures with horns and a forked tail, usually holding a pitchfork, and dressed in children’s garb. They also bear a naughty expression, as if on the verge of doing something bad and enjoying it.

Many people also like demon tattoos that show the war between good and evil. You can use a scene akin to classic paintings, which depict a strong, malevolent demon locked in battle with a righteous, winged angel. These images usually show the two characters in a realistic-looking manner, and are generally set in a scene of either a blue and cloudy heaven, or red and fiery hell.

There is multitude of variations in demon tattoos. You must decide what you want to express with this piece — the impishness of your personality, or your darker side of it.

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