Diamond Tattoos, Designs, Pictures, and Ideas

diamond tattoosDiamond tattoos can symbolize many things, and each person who incorporates a diamond into their body art will have to figure out how they want to interpret it. However, diamonds are most commonly a symbol for endurance, and an unbreakable quality that may be seen as a characteristic of the wearer’s own personality. How the diamond is used may also help in interpreting this item’s symbolism; for instance, a golden band with a diamond heart at the center may symbolize unending, and enduring love and fidelity; diamonds threaded into a bouquet of flowers may simply mean beauty, or a diamond meshed in with others bright gems may indicate a certain extravagance.

Many people like their diamond tattoos to be simple. These pieces will generally show the diamond by itself, and show just the basic outlines of the gem. However, despite the lack of surrounding object, many people prefer to make the diamond itself very detailed. They accomplish this by showing every line and crevice; giving the item depth, and randomly placed sparkles. They may also feel the need to include other small, unobtrusive objects like banners with names or dates, or even bright colors reflecting off of the stone.

It is far more common, though, to see diamond tattoos that are mingled other symbols. Flowers, of course, are some of the most popular. For this style you could create a piece with blossoming flowers of your choice with a thick, round diamond at the bud; you could also use the diamond at the center of a flower made entirely of gems (rubies for petals, emeralds for stems, etc). Diamonds placed atop crowns and tiaras are another popular piece. These designs usually show an otherwise simple headpiece with the bold gem sparkling from the top; however, you could also create intricate patterns of diamonds throughout the crown.

Some people like to re-shape the rock in their diamond tattoos. For example, you can shape your diamond into a heart; you can create a golden lattice-work diamond, or create a vine of blossoming jewels. A few interesting ideas would be to form the diamonds into shooting stars that trace across a larger area of your body; create a 3D effect by placing a red diamond onto a blue one, or create a bracelet of diamonds around your arm, ankle or wrist.

Whether they symbolize endurance, true love, or lavishness, diamond tattoos exude a certain beauty and charm, while maintaining a tough meaning. For this reason alone, they are a remarkable piece that is sure to keep you strong.

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