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Dice tattoos are a favorite emblem for those with an adventurous and risky personality. Too many people, there is nothing in the world quite like the thrill of rolling a pair of dice with bated breath, just waiting to see the outcome of their fate.

Often times, dice tattoos feature many symbols of both gambling and vice. Playing cards, four leaf clovers, liquor bottles and horseshoes are some of the most common items placed alongside dice. One idea is to create the image of a dice martini cocktail. You could use the long stemmed martini glass, a clover for garnish, and a set of dice being dropped into the wavy liquid. For an additional piece of themed imagery, you could tip the glass against a pair of luscious lips lined in the blues or blacks of a playing card queen.

As dice tattoos are often seen to be lucky, it is not uncommon to see a banner wrapped around a set of dice with the word ‘luck’ at the center. Other depictions that you can use to express this notion is a fiery and rolling pair of dice, your birthstone set into the eyes, or even the Maneki Neko rolling the dice. One interesting idea would be to use the ‘three keys’ symbol. Worn together, the keys symbolize wealth, love and health. In this depiction the eyes of a single die could be morphed into a key hole, where you could place three intricate skeleton keys.

It is not unusual for dice tattoos to feature people and animals as well. A suave man in a dashing suit with slicked back hair, alongside a well coiffed, and curvaceous pin up-type lady playing at a game of craps; a pair of swallows on either shoulder, releasing a set of dice from their beaks, or a sleek black cat with an over-sized die dangling from his collar are three great examples of this.

Dice tattoos can be modern and sharp, or created into a kitschy piece straight from the 1950s. Whichever way you choose to depict this advantageous symbol, you may just find that it brings a bit of extra luck and adventure into your life.

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  1. Kylie Said,

    I hope you can put my mind to rest, in the clip from The Academy Is ‘Big Mess On Our Hands Tonight’ after William Beckett has contact with Pete Wentz. The third guy he comes across during the clip has a pair of dice tattoo on his right arm, could you please tell me of who that is he looks familar. I asked William on Sunday, honored to meet him and he didn’t know, duh he was with you in the clip. So hopefully you guys can help me.
    Thank you

  2. justin Said,

    these tattos r sooooooooooo kool

  3. Efosa Said,

    Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!I love em all,dey’r just so awesome

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