Eagle Tattoos, Designs, Pictures, and Ideas

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Eagle tattoos have been an expression of freedom for ages. The appearance of an eagle has been associated with pride and patriotism, but they also make for striking pieces of art all unto themselves.

The majority of eagle tattoos feature the American bald eagle. These large, strong birds are often depicted with wings spread wide, and a determined expression on their face. They have broad, brown wings; a white head, yellow beak and talons and striking golden eyes. These eagles are generally shown alongside a swaying American flag, or intertwined with the body of the bird. One idea for this particular design is to place the eagle in flight, with the flag as part of its flapping wings.

Although the bald eagle is very popular in eagle tattoos, there are several different varieties of this creature. Many people prefer to use the larger types of eagle for their piece, as they allow for more detail. For example, when its wings are spread, the harpy eagle’s wings sport a bold white and gray pattern; the feathers on their head are also remarkable, as they appear in an almost crown-like shape. The harpy eagle is also known for its fantastic speed and strength, and is capable of carrying off large tree dwelling mammals. It was named after the harpies of Greek mythology, and can be depicted in tattoo art as carrying off the placid spirits of the dead to Hades. You could also show a more serene image of a Wahlberg’s eagle sitting peacefully on a branch with golden brown fall leaves, peacefully watching the landscape before it.

Many of the smaller varieties can also make for fascinating eagle tattoos. The short toed eagle has bushy white and brown feathers, and a needle-like beak; however, it still maintains the intense expression of the bald eagle. The main prey of this bird are snakes. You could easily depict the struggle between the comparatively small — but equally strong — snake, and the eagle.

Artistically speaking, given the beauty and variety of these birds, the diversity that eagle tattoos are capable of is plentiful. Naturally, these creatures create many scenes that can and have been translated into many mediums of art. Eagle tattoos are no exception when it comes to expressing the essence of not only their wild distinctiveness, but the freedom that they symbolize.

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