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Egyptian tattoos are tattoos utilizing Japanese Why would you want an Egyptian Tattoo as opposed to another design? Egyptian tattoos are taken directly from Egyptian art and symbology. Egyptian tattoos are beautifully designed using ancient symbols taken from various artworks or hieroglyphics.

Some popular Egyptian gods that can be incorporated into Egyptian tattoos are as follows:

  • Bastet – the cat goddess which would make an excellent tattoo design for a cat lover.
  • Anubis – the dog headed god of the afterlife, a great Egyptian tattoo design for a dog lover.
  • Horus – god with a human body but the head of a hawk, an excellent tattoo design for bird lovers. Horus also has the “all seeing eye” with which many of us are familiar from the top of the pyramid on American money. The eye itself is an entrancing choice for an Egyptian tattoo.

For the mythical tattoo lover, the phoenix tattoo could be a wonderful choice with the symbology of the bird rising from the ashes, an eye catching display. For a simpler Egyptian tattoo, the easily recognized symbol of the pyramid is a popular choice.

Perhaps the most simple, elegant, and easily recognized of Egyptian tattoos would be the ankh, or cross with enclosed circular top. For those wanting something more elaborate, the images of popular kings and queens such as Ramses ll, Tutankhamen, Nefirtiti or Cleopatra would be the perfect choice for symbolizing royal status or in the case of the queens, high standards of beauty. If the choice required demands individuality, nothing could be more personal than a name or date spelled out in the ancient symbols known as hieroglyphics. This would be the perfect choice for anyone wishing to have an Egyptian tattoo that would be totally original. The beauty of the hieroglyphics is that they are symbols such as birds, flowers, animals, etc. that represent individual sounds/letters and can therefore be personalized in a very unique way. Whatever choice you make, exploring your individuality with Egyptian Tattoos can be an exciting adventure.

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    There are a couple that are good but most I would not allow on my body!

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