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It is hard to think of what makes a tattoo evil, but many folks like to incorporate designs that some would see as wicked, or even frightening. Evil tattoos are usually meant – in a tongue in cheek manner – to express a certain naughtiness in the wearer’s personality. They may also express a passion for a darker side of life, or a curiosity of the more sinister things surrounding us.

Many evil tattoos feature the creatures that most people associate with wickedness. These may be woodblock-like, or cartoon styled devils or demons; angry looking skeletons, werewolves and vampires; sometimes even ghosts, banshees, and ghouls will make an appearance in this type of art. It is rare to see evil tattoos of these creatures without a scene. For instance, a devil luring innocent people into a sinful trap; werewolves stalking the streets late at night; or ghosts tormenting a living person.

Some people like to express the duality of both good and evil in their evil tattoos. The majority of these pieces show an angel on one side (sometimes on the wearer’s arms, legs, or either side of their back), and a demon on the other. A lot of these are done with cartoonish pin up models; however, some people also like to cull images from old Renaissance, or occasionally Victorian paintings. One interesting idea for this piece would be to make the angel and demon a singular being; one side being light, with billowy white wings, the other dark, with leathery, veiny wings.

Some evil tattoos consist of a menacing creature interacting with the wearer in some way. These images may consist of an ominous raven perched atop the wearer’s shoulder; a vampire with its fangs pressed into the wearer’s neck, or a wraith (or doppelganger) pulling away from the wearer’s skin.

Some people like to go simple with their evil tattoos, and just use the word itself. These are usually done in large, bold fonts, and are occasionally surrounded by other corresponding paraphernalia such as bat wings surrounding the word; devil horns sprouting from the top, or a forked tongue or pointed tail growing beyond the ‘L.’

Although many people like to keep their body art light and airy, others prefer to stick to darker themes. Evil tattoos may have a touch of humor to them, but they are usually meant to express the darkness of both the wearer, and the darkness they see around them.

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