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Everyone has their own set of beliefs. These beliefs may be of a theological nature, or they may simply be a set of convictions and rules that they set for their own life. In either case, many people like to showcase their beliefs with faith tattoos. These pieces of art express their devotion, trust and confidence in whatever believe.

Most faith tattoos tend towards religion. These pieces show the symbols that each religion holds dear. For example, a person who believes in Catholicism may create a scene of a dove (a Catholic symbol for the Holy Spirit) flying high above a lamb (an important symbol of purity, and of Jesus Christ — or rather, the sacrificial lamb). A Buddhist may stamp a Bodhi Tree with Buddha’s Footprint, while someone with a faith in Hinduism may create a stunning mandala. Religious items such as crosses, rosaries, and candles are also quite common for this style.

Many people prefer faith tattoos that use designs from more uncommon sources. For example, you may see symbols like the Khanda (two swords tied together at the bottom, and a double edged sword in the middle, which is said to represent the creativity, duality and universal power of God in Sikhism); you might see the image of a kachina, which is said to be an intermediary between the spirit and the living worlds; some people may even use astrological figures for their faith tattoos — not only because they hold a belief in this field, but because most religions mention the stars in one form or another. Runes, pentagrams, and specific numbers are also popular for this particular design.

Many people create faith tattoos that express a connection between people of all walks of life. One example of this would be to create a globe surrounded by the leading symbols of some of the most major religions. You could also show a person who is an amalgamation of many religious figures; this visage might be placed walking amongst the general public, or within a scene of a variety of religious venues.

Although everyone thinks differently, the one common factor is that almost everyone has faith in something. This faith may be in an omnipotent god, in a spirit that guides us, or purely in ourselves. Whatever your beliefs may be, faith tattoos are a fantastic and permanent way of expressing them to the world around you.

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