Fire & Flame Tattoos, Designs, Pictures, and Ideas

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Fire has a dual nature; it can help sustain life by keeping it warm, lighting a dark path and even defending the person who can harness it. At the same time it can also be destructive. Many people use fire as a symbol of this duality; they use it to express passion and transformation. Fire tattoos are often used as a medium to display these feelings.

Although fire tattoos can have many symbols to go alongside them, fire unto itself can make fantastic designs. Many of these styles are large; for example, a shoulder plate of fireball-type flames. Another great idea is to create a square or circular mosaic of varying shades of heat (that is blue, white, and red and orange flames). It would even be possible to have a trail of fire going around the body; some people like to use armbands featuring a sweeping flame all around the upper arm. It might also be a unique idea to utilize some of the earliest depictions of fire. Some of the earliest paintings were found in caves, and they often portrayed images of the elements. Though these may seem like crude representations, they can create a bit of novelty to your piece.

Usually, though, people prefer fire tattoos that depict more than just the flames. These tattoos can have a variety of meanings, and incorporate fire simply as a means to express their strong feelings for the other symbols. For instance, flames are regularly shown surrounding a heart. This can mean a passionate love, or — as in the case of the sacred heart — a passion for their religious devotion. Another example of using fire alongside symbology is the phoenix. The phoenix is a favored design for those who have been through a traumatic experience and feel they have been reborn because of it. This creature is regularly depicted in a state of conflagration, beginning to turn into the ashes that it will soon rise from.

Fire tattoos are a great way to express strength, sensuality and fervor. Be certain that your passions last as long as your art does by using this design as a reminder.

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  1. emma Said,

    The flames look brilliant

  2. Alfonso Said,

    the guitar with flames and shit is a awesome design

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