Fleur De Lis Tattoos, Designs, Pictures, and Ideas

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The fleur de lis (or fleur de lys) translates into ‘lily flower‘ and has a long standing history. It has been seen in all of its glory on royal and religious figures; it was seen as a decorative ornament from some of the earliest civilizations, and has even become the official symbol for the state of Louisiana. Fleur de lis tattoos also have a long standing history, as this beautiful design all by itself has – over time – come to symbolize many things, from the Holy Trinity and the Virgin Mary, to faith and valor.

Many people prefer the simple flair of plain, black fleur de lis tattoos. Luckily, there are several variations on this style. For example, you may create a solid, dense fleur de lis with slender, pointed edges that look similar to small blades. You might also try creating a stockier, rounded piece with knobby ends. Another option would be to use sharp edges that drastically curl at the ends. Some people like to create a more 3-dimensional piece, and add shades of white or skin tone in various areas of the flower ornament. For something a bit different, you may prefer to use colors like red or blue, or you might choose to add color in place of the white or skin tone in your 3D piece.

Some fleur de lis tattoos take on the image of flags and emblems. One good example of this would be the Mardi Gras fleur de lis flag which is done in gold, green and purple stripes with a multicolored flower symbol at the center. You could also create a more regal theme by using a scroll-type flag with a purple background (accented with darker purple flowers), and a large, golden fleur de lis in the foreground. The Quebec flag (four fleur de lys placed on four sides of a white cross) might make an interesting choice as well. You might also like to create crown-top badges in varying colors, or small, jewelry-like talismans. One interesting idea would be to use fine lines and shadows that give the appearance of a decorative architectural ornament carved into the skin.

Fleur de lis tattoos are unquestionably popular. This may be due to the fact that they have much history and culture to offer, or simply that they are attractive and stylish. Whatever the case may be, their popularity will not likely fade any time soon.

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