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Frogs are often a symbol of regeneration, life and harmony. In fact, frogs have a good deal of symbology behind them. For instance, in ancient Egypt, the frog was thought to be a protector and guide to the afterlife. Many Native American tribes believe that the frog brings rain and a numerous amount of modern Christians wear a frog symbol due to the acronym ‘forever rely on God.’ For these and many other reasons, frog tattoos are gaining a bit more popularity.

There are a wide variety of frog tattoos to be had. Some of the most popular are the more realistic styles; one of the most common types being the tree frog. These bright green frogs with orange feet and red eyes make for great designs, and are often shown in either their natural habitat, or climbing up a wearers arm or leg. Another popular type are dart and mantella frogs. These are exceptionally poisonous, and thus very vivid in coloring, and sometimes sport interesting patterns along their bodies. Poisonous frogs may add a bit of an edge to these tattoos, and may be used as a symbol of the personality of its wearer; beautiful, yet untouchable.

Some people may prefer a more cartoon-like depiction for their frog tattoos. These pieces often show the frog in a crouching position with a cute, or sometimes an almost sarcastic look to its face. Many cartoon frog tattoos show the creature with its tongue poised for lapping at flies, or sitting peacefully in a pond on a water lily.

Tribal and Aztec frog tattoos are also an interesting twist on this design. The tribal frog is usually done in long, sharp black strokes. The Aztec version is more stylized and will depict a frog with a round body and eyes; long, winding limbs and fork-like toes. A depiction of Heqt (or Hekt) may also make for an interesting design. This Egyptian goddess was said to have the head of a frog and was a symbol of Resurrection. You could recreate this by using the traditional Egyptian art which featured stately gods, goddesses and royalty in profile; reshaping the head in the smooth yellow and black appearance of the Panamanian golden frog.

Frog tattoos may not be as widely popular as other designs, but this may very well be a good thing, as you are almost certain to make a unique statement with this piece.

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    i love all the frogs tats thay look good i still dont know how i want my tat to look

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