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Gecko tattoos are a bit on the sparse side when it comes to symbolism — they are simply seen as a sign of regeneration, and occasionally, luck. However, most people choose gecko tattoos because they are attractive and interesting pieces of body art.

There many few different types of gecko, but the most commonly seen is the ‘day’ gecko. Most of these creatures are a vivid green, occasionally with dark brown spots on the lower half of its body and head. It is relatively small, has large, dark eyes that can easily be translated into a cartoon-like illustration, and small, round toes. The leopard gecko has a more pronounced and colorful pattern, while the crested gecko has more of an otherworldly appearance. The crested gecko is generally tan, or even gold in hue, and — like the day gecko — has exceedingly large eyes, which are similar in color to its body, and have long, dark slits down the center.

Most gecko tattoos show one of the many varieties of gecko climbing up an arm, leg, the back or even the chest of its wearer. They may also be twisted into the shape of a crescent moon or heart; they are even occasionally shown melding to the color of a deep green branch or stem of a flower. For a more unusual approach to the realistic gecko, you could use the image of Kawekaweau. This gecko was last seen in 1870; however, a stuffed specimen was found in a French museum in 1986. What makes this image unusual is that the Kawekaweau gecko was one of the largest, fiercest looking reptiles ever unearthed. This gecko could be depicted as it was when living, or — for a darker depiction — shown stuffed and mounted like a hunting trophy.

Gecko tattoos may also have a lighthearted feel. Many of these pieces show the gecko in unusual settings such as on a beach with a surf board and sunglasses, in a top hat and tails, or flying off on a rocket.

Although gecko tattoos have only a small amount of profound implications, their appearance and versatility make them unique pieces that can either be large and bold, or small and discreet — and if they do happen to bring a bit of extra luck, all the better!

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