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Guitar tattoos are a well loved symbol for music enthusiasts around the world. Whether professional, hobbyist or simply a music lover, guitar tattoos can be unique and meaningful pieces. What is more, guitars as a symbol are seen as a sign of rebellion. Since rock music has almost always been thought as going against the grain of normal society, guitars have become the emblem for being different and unusual.

A great many guitar tattoos show a person actually playing this instrument. Often times, this person is a famous musician. However, it is not uncommon to see a guitar in the arms of a pin up model, a skeleton or even a demon, or the devil. Some people like to incorporate loved ones into their guitar tattoos. A portrait of a small child with a toy guitar, or a relative or spouse strumming an acoustic on a porch or stool, are both great ideas for this theme.

The other side of guitar tattoos is featuring the instrument by itself, set either flat against the skin, or wrapped around an arm or leg. There are a variety of guitars you can use for your piece. The two most popular, of course, are the basic electric and acoustic styles. However, the archtop and steel styles tend to be more detailed, and can be quite unique. You could use the classic six string, twelve string, or even a double neck guitar.

The designs placed upon and around the instrument are just as important as the guitar itself. Some of the most commonly used symbols are flowers and hearts. One way to utilize the flower symbol is by placing a creeping vine of bougainvillea or morning glory around the neck. For the latter symbol, you could either make the body out of a heart shape, or have the neck of the guitar piercing the heart. Some people prefer to use tougher symbols, such as barbed wire wrapped around the guitar, jagged teeth in the sound hole or a sharp blade in place of the neck.

Guitars can be placed within a scene, or by themselves. Either way, with a guitar on your
skin, you will definitely make a statement about who you are.

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    it ‘s very nice art

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    Yeah they cool but im looking for somethimg simple just an arcostic guiter

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