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Hebrew tattoos have developed a huge popularity due to them popping up on the skin of massive celebrities. However, this style has long been known for its grace and beauty. Many uplifting, smart and witty messages have been used for Hebrew tattoos, and this is the genuine reason for their fame. They are a permanent and attractive reminder of beliefs and ideas that you hold dear.

Most Hebrew tattoos feature simple script. The majority of these are done in either black, or a rich, henna-like brick brown. These can be done in very small characters, but most commonly they are done in a more grandiose fashion and are splayed across the chest, or up and down the arms or back. It is not uncommon to see proverbs such as, “God gives burdens, also shoulders,” or, “Not to have felt pain is not to have been human.” These sayings and quotations fall under the more grandiose category; however, some people may prefer to use simpler pieces and create single word characters. One example of this is the very noticeable Chai symbol. This symbol is the combination of the Hebrew letters Cheit and Yod, and simply means ‘living.’

It is also not uncommon for people to incorporate symbols such as the star of David, the hamsa (which is a bluntly rounded hand with an eye in the palm, and is said to be a symbol of protection from the evil eye), and the enneagram (a star with nine points, which is thought to represent the essence of existence). Less specific, but equally meaningful symbols may be used such as ivy — which is often an expression of determination — growing around the lettering; the script may be intertwined with the flower of life; it may be bookended by a Fleur De Lis, or even placed at the center of a ouroboros.

Whatever style you choose to use just remember, with any foreign language it is important to know what you are getting; with the delicate and often times complicated manner of the language, Hebrew tattoos are no exception. Have your words translated by someone fluent and trustworthy, and you will have a lifelong piece of style and inspiration.

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  1. jessica Said,

    what do these tattoos mean?

  2. stephanie Said,

    i wanna get robert but i cant seem to find the letters

  3. Lyndsay Said,

    could you do this as soon as possible.


  4. Michelle Said,

    Number 21 is not Hebrew. There are also some bad mistakes on some of these. If you ever get a tattoo in another language…really, really make sure you know what you are getting!!!!!


  5. kaveri Said,

    can you please tell me teh meaning of all these hebrew tatoos that are displayed

  6. kaveri Said,

    i wouls mainly want to know what number 4 means? its beautiful.. :)

  7. Aisha Said,

    If anyone can accurately translate Heberw please email me eshachristen@Yahoo.com

  8. Stephanie Said,

    The third picture reads “Yeshua”. This is Jesus’ hebrew name. I have the same tattoo on my hip. It’s beautiful!

  9. sharon Said,

    Yeah, do your homework. Ask someone who knows before you go tattooing yourself in a language which you cannot read nor write, and have no clue what it means. It makes you look like an idiot to those who can read it.

    P.S., Stephanie…. that tattoo does not say “Yeshua”. It says Joshua, not Jesus.

    guy who chose to do his lettering vertically down his neck – that’s just not cool. You are not G-d, and if you were, you wouldn’t have misspelled his name on your neck. dumbass.

  10. Jaz Said,

    someone please help i need
    walk by faith not by sight
    in hebrew!!!

    PLEASE HELP :) )

  11. Jaz Said,

    someone please help i need
    walk by faith not by sight
    in hebrew!!!


  12. Jonathan Said,

    Lol at elohim on the neck that goes down veritcally. You’re missing the holem vav. Doesn’t make sense. You aren’t writing it in modern Hebrew either….

    Elohim doesn’t even refer to God but to god.

    Moreover, Sharon just because someone gets God’s name tattooed, it doesn’t mean he is claiming to be God…

  13. maureen Said,

    “my daughter is my life” in hebrew הבת שלי היא החיים שלי
    is this correct????
    also, “asia maurie: my life” in hebrew is אסיה מורי: החיים שלי
    is this also correct??
    please help!!!!!need advice!!

  14. Adam Said,

    does anyone know the best place to get a really good hebrew tatoo in NYC?

  15. Sara Said,

    They are right. yeshua mean Joshua. Jesus is not even recognized in the Hebrew language or the Jewish belief. The hand symbol is a Hamsa. It stands for the five books of the torah & the fifth letter in the hebrew alphabet. It is a symbol of protection. An eye in the center wards off the evil eye. A fish brings good luck. Robert is not a Hebrew name. Good luck!

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