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Most people associate henna tattoos with their temporary beginnings. However, these fleeting pieces of art have inspired many more permanent creations. A lot of people prefer to place these complex designs on large areas of the body, and favor the use of the earthy red and brown hues that come naturally to the tattoo’s more ephemeral cousin.

Some of the most regularly seen henna tattoos are done on the hands and feet. Though some people are leery to place permanent art on their hands or feet, these designs can easily be moved to the upper arms or legs. The designs that are used for hands and feet are often highly intricate and fantastic in their detail. Many of these tattoos feature symbols that are meant to represent feminine beauty, such as flowers, long slender vines or the moon. They may also show elaborate hearts; one example of this is the ‘Goddess of Love’ symbol, which may seem relatively simple compared to many other henna tattoos; however, it still remains a striking image with its scrollwork edges and full body.

Although most henna tattoos feature the very recognizable scrolling designs, there are many other symbols that can be seen in this style of art. One such symbol is the peacock. This design is said to be a form of protection and a sign of passion and luck. The body of the peacock is simple and graceful, with fluid lines. However, the tail feathers are very detailed, and can occasionally feature several eyes. The eyes are what make the peacock a sign of protection; an ever vigilant bird watching over you. The solar and lunar eyes are also frequently used symbols in henna tattoos, and are also seen as talismans of protection.

One of the more popular areas of the body for permanent henna tattoos is around the belly button. A bursting sun, or a half moon are seen most often. Occasionally, though, you may see flowers, or the infamous scroll designs.

Whether you have used henna in the past and have found a design you simply cannot live without, or you appreciate the exquisite art and meaning that goes behind these pieces of art, henna tattoos are a brilliant option.

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  1. emmali lear Said,

    that is awsome that henna tattoos are in!!!!!!!!

  2. nina Said,


  3. Mike Smith Said,

    Henna tattoo designs are quite popular among the youths for its vibrant and unique color, undefined edges, and temporary stay on body parts. Originated basically in India and known as Mehndi Art, Henna tattoos are used for different occasions – marriage, Eid, Diwali, Mawlid, Passover, Nawroz, etc.

  4. christina Said,


  5. Libby Davis Said,

    Not gonna lie, the Henna tattoo is more my speed. I would love to find someone to does them locally. Does anyone know of a directory of Henna artists that is available? I would love to have a design done for the summer

  6. Dr. Sarah K Said,

    Libby Davis you should call around different stores like places that sell Bohemian things or an Indian Market or Persian Market. Bellydance troops often know people who do henna tattoos as well.
    Doing your own is actually very easy!! If you can, look to buy a box of pure natural henna. DO NOT I repeat DO NOT BUY BLACK HENNA – that contains coal and lots of people are allergic to that crap. Buy natural (it doesn’t matter if it says for hair dye since it’ll stain your skin all the same). Anyway I buy my boxes from an Indian Bazaar and an Oriental Market for like $3 a box….and it makes enough for like 10 LARGE applications.
    Follow the directions on the box or just follow me :) :

    -Pour about 2 tbsp henna powder into a small glass bowl or undyeable mixing bowl.
    -Pick out any visible twigs or leaf chunks.
    -Add WARM-hot water to make a think paste – think delicious mashed potato consistancy.
    -Let sit for about 1/2 – 1 hour covered in a dark place or, for the darkest best henna results cover it tightly with plastic wrap and stick it in the fridge for a couple of days (no more than 3 – might mold).
    -If the paste is too dry when you go to apply it simply add a little warm water.

    THESE STEPS ARE CRUTIAL (do no matter what):
    Clean the desired area – soap and water. Then take a cotton ball and swipe over your skin a couple of times with rubbing alcohol. (Gets dead skin cells off so that your fresh new ones can be stained longer). Let dry.

    *****Now soak a cotton ball with either Tea Tree or Jojoba Oil and spread generously over desired area******** TEA TREE OIL PREFERED since it’ll give you a darker look and it will last a VERY long time. It can be expensive but it lasts like 200 applications plus I’m a Doctor and I use tea tree oil as a natural topical antibiotic/antiseptic anyway so it was WAY worth the price. (like $10 a bottle)

    To apply on skin:
    You can do many different things to actually apply the henna to your own skin but here’s three easy ways:

    Method 1:
    You can use a toothpick to apply the henna. Dip the toothpick into your paste (play around with a cosistancy that you can work with) and dip and apply to your skin. Yes this sounds tedious and believe me it is, but it can give you very fine lines and great dot control for your design. Plus these are almost free so the cost is very effective for this method.

    Method 2:
    Get a small ziplock bag. Put henna paste inside (1/2 the bag only). Zip and secure the bag. (you can tape the zipper thing just to be sure with mailing tape). Get some small grooming scissors and cut one corner of the bag opposite the zip lock. MAKE IT A VERY SMALL CUT BECAUSE THIS IS GOING TO BE YOUR APPLICATION TIP. You don’t want it to be too big because you’ll get clumps of henna not lines.
    -You can also make a cone by getting some wax paper, making a cone, filling with henna and securing with tape but that was really hard for me lol. More power to you to try it though.

    Method 3:
    You can try any combination of techniques with this method but do what you feel comfortable with. You can apply the henna with small firm art brushes. The brush technique will also give you the oppurtunity to shade your henna design. The brush method is definitely not for beginners since it takes much more control but it is very handy! A frim brush kit with varying brushes can run pretty cheap if you look in the right places. Hobby stores and art stores will have them but go there last. Dollar stores suprisingly may have a little kiddy art brush set but hey, it works right?

    Good luck everyone!!!! Wish I could show you all the design I have right now that I did with a toothpick :) it’s pretty impressive :)

  7. kiagoth Said,

    dats really disgusting zis henna design!!!!!mine is much better!!!! even my tribal henna n arabian or indian style!!!! reall much much beter

  8. Gemma smith Said,

    Where can I get a henna design permanently tattooed to my foot? I’ve asked loads of tattooists and they won’t do it! Can anyone help?

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