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Hope tattoos have a pretty simple meaning, but the reasons a person would get one varies widely. Hope is vital to living; hoping for the best outcome of any situation, hoping the best for ourselves and our loved ones, and the hope of living life as fully and completely and possible. These are only a few broad reaching reasons why hope tattoos have attained a certain popularity, and why they will likely stay that way.

Most hope tattoos are done in text form. These usually show the word by itself, or set amongst a few choice symbols that are relevant to the wearer. Although regular script is by far the most common, you can always do something a bit unique with your own piece. For example, you could use a colored ribbon that is spread out to spell the word ‘hope,’ you could also spell the word in stars, clouds, or with large brush strokes. Some people like to translate their hope tattoos into a variety of languages like French, Spanish, Hebrew, and Italian. They may also like to use either the Chinese or Japanese versions of kanji script for their piece. You might want to add a border around your text hope tattoos as well. One idea would be to create a garland of snowdrop, iris, and almond blossoms – all of which are representative of hope.

Hope tattoos are frequently accompanied by images. These images are often a visual representation of a struggle they or a loved one have survived. An example of this would be a breast cancer ribbon. For something like that, you may choose to set the image to the side, or meld it with the word itself. Other images and symbols that are indicative of hope are doves, anchors, the sun, and bursting seeds. All of these images can be placed within or alongside the word ‘hope,’ or created into a scene. For instance, a flower blossoming from a seed under a bright sun, with a dove floating in the sky. Many people like to include images of loved ones, pets, or occasionally even themselves. These are usually surrounded by symbols of hope, as well as symbols that are significant to either the wearer, or the person in the portrait.

Hope tattoos can be elaborate, or simple; they can me written or drawn. Whatever style you choose, you will certainly make a statement about your eternal desire to hold on to the hope you hold dear.

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