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Horoscope tattoos, unlike more specific zodiac tattoos, are meant to express not only a fascination with a wearer’s own sign, but with astrology as a whole.

Many horoscope tattoos feature things that make up an astrological chart. For instance, one may use their own birth chart, or even the birth chart of loved ones and children. These charts depict a wheel with dates, times, planets and where the star signs land. A Vedic birth chart looks a bit different; unlike the wheel of western astrology, Vedic charts are a diamond shape placed within a square, with an X cutting through the diamond. These charts are more simple in their interpretation and feature alphanumeric code to signify the planets and houses, and where they were on a specific birth date. With either of these charts, you can create a fantastic and well stylized version. The circular wheel may be depicted in a marble style, with small glass-like balls to point to pivotal points within the chart. The Vedic chart may be placed in a heavily intricate frame, with rich varieties of burgundy and purple in the body, and the writing done in golden hues.

Some horoscope tattoos may simply take the basic elements that make up their horoscope. For instance, one could create a small pyramid with their star sign at the top, their ruling planets on the next line, their houses and elements at the bottom. Some may even like to use these symbols to create armband or ankle tattoos, have them lined up and down their back, or across their chest.

Horoscope tattoos may also feature written descriptions. Some interesting ideas would be to create a faux horoscope describing how your life is, or where you would like to see it go. This could be placed within a scroll, framed, or done in a freehand style. You could also have your birth chart translated, and use the written portion for your design. You could place it alongside the details of your chart, or by itself. Many people prefer to use a stylish, gothic or old English font for this style, but you could also try calligraphy, cursive or your own handwriting.

Although most pieces of body art are meant to express personality, nothing could possibly be more telling than these designs. Horoscope tattoos are not only stylish, but give a thorough description of who you are, by way of the stars.

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