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The horror genre has been a huge success in both film and literature. These stories tap into our deepest fears and create a mental and emotional stir in us. Many people love the rush that comes with fear, and quite a few of these people like to express their passion for the genre with horror tattoos.

Most horror tattoos depict a character or scene from a well loved horror film. Most of these pieces feature classic movie characters such as Dracula and Frankenstein’s monster. Some people like to use more graphic characters; a tattoo of a large jawed alien bursting through the skin is not an uncommon sight. Some people also like to use cult film figures such as ‘Basket case’ and the abominable snowman from 1954′s ‘The Snow Creature.’

Some horror tattoos depict the creative vision of a character or scene from literature. A favorite for many enthusiasts is, of course, Edgar Allen Poe. These tattoos may show a raven scowling at the observer, or the image of a beautiful woman beginning to decay. Many of H.P. Lovecraft’s stories were created into masterful and terrifying pieces of art that can, in turn, be created into broad and vivid horror tattoos.

Most horror tattoos, however, take bits and pieces from many different sources to create a vision that the wearer may find particularly scary. In this instance, there are many options to choose from: a fiendish-looking sideshow barker showing off unearthly creatures; zombies roaming the streets of a dark city, or skeletons in the midst of a battle.

The horror genre will likely always have a place in people’s hearts; the rush of excitement that can come from fear itself, and the thrill of knowing that it simply is not real, makes this style an enduring one.

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