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Horse tattoos have long been a symbol of strength, grace and stamina, not to mention the fact that horses have only been a tamed species for a rather short period of ten thousand years; for that they are also an emblem of untamed beauty.

A perfect example of this is the black stallion, or Arabian horse. These horse tattoos exemplify the symbolism of a free spirit. They may also be seen as a symbol of protection, as Arabian horses tend to be extremely protective of their owners. One of the more popular ideas is to show a dark horse with a wild mane, rearing into a bright blue, but cloudy sky. A variation of this is to use the bust and front legs of the horse. This version allows for more detail in the face and mane.

Many horse tattoos feature the animal in action. Race horses are a good example of this, especially if the wearer is an avid enthusiast and has a personal favorite. The favorite may be depicted as leading the pack on the racetrack, or even shown with a garland around its neck. Other depictions can show that of a triumphant warrior riding off into the sunset, pulling the chariot of a Roman nobleman or Greek god, or the horse simply running wild and free.

Horse tattoos may also depict the many mythological creatures that were mingled with this creature. Centaurs are thought to be the best of both nature and civilization, being both man and horse. This dual nature has been perceived as a conflict of personality, leading to both the desire for nature and all of its beauty, and a thirst for more scholarly conquests. The centaur is coined as the beast and the teacher. This idea can be adapted into the image of a wizened centaur reading aloud to many small children within the depths of the forest. Another example is the unicorn. Although this design may be placed in very similar settings as a regular horse, this horned animal is usually seen in more fantastic scenes such as a green and blue starry sky, a snow covered mountain on a dark purple night, or racing towards a rainbow.

The great thing about horse tattoos is that you can not only express your fascination with these brilliant creatures, but of nature and all of its striking beauty as a whole.

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  1. Sophie Said,

    Hi, do you know what the name for number 6 on page 1 is? I want to find the full picture of the horse on the right hand side… Thanks!

  2. Erin Said,

    The horse on the right I believe is based on the royal Lippizan stallions. From the spanish riding school. They are trained in moves that were originally used in warfare. They are born black and turn white as they mature. Only stallions are used. There is a troupe that performs in the US that is NOT the same as those from Vienna.

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