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In loving memory tattoos although very popular will simply never go out of style. They are a great way to remember a loved one, honor them for the rest of your life, and have them be a part of you for eternity. Getting in loving memory tattoos are no doubt emotional, but the joy, pride, and remembrance they can give you make them well worth it. Often people get tattoos to recognize a defining moment in their life. This could be a number of things from getting married, a new job, a new baby; the list goes on and on. It’s unfortunate that the world we live in can’t always be perfect and often people that lose a loved one have an extremely difficult time letting them go. In loving memory tattoos are a great way to hold on to that person forever. It could be a husband that has lost his wife, a mother that has lost her son, a best friend passing away, or the memory of a pet. In loving memory tattoos are very personal and thought about extensively when coming up with a design making them a tattoo you will never regret.

in loving memory tattoosIn loving memory tattoos help commemorate and remember the loss of a loved one and help you keep that person alive in you forever. Tattoo styles and designs come and go like anything. Koi fish, tribal tattoos, lower back tattoos, butterfly tattoos, whatever they may be. All hit their peak and eventually die down. In loving memory tattoos will never go out of style. It will always remain fashionable to remember the ones in your life that you cared for and loved the most. You simply will never regret a tattoo with such deep meaning.

With in loving memory tattoos the amount of effort and time you will put into your final design will allow you to love your tattoo and never regret it. Thinking about how to represent a loved one should play into your design which will make your tattoo original to both yourself and the person you are remembering. It’s also worth noting that having an in loving memory tattoo can almost be a therapeutic experience. Of course, it won’t help right away but eventually it can help you with closure and the healing process can begin. With an in loving memory tattoo you will have that constant reminder of that person, the influence they had on your life, and how much you truly did care for them. Many of us start to feel guilty when we stop thinking about a loved one we have lost, we feel like they have been forgotten. With an in loving memory tattoo you will always have that reminder and will never have to worry about guilt. Of course it’s important to move forward and progress in life but remembering a loved one can give you inspiration, memories, and remind you every single day of how much you loved that person and the impact they had on your life. Check out these great free tattoo designs and patterns of in loving memory tattoos.

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  1. sheila Said,

    my grandfather just passed away and i want to get a sexy pinup girl ( dressed in his uniform from the us airforce)sittting on an F16 that he flow in the airforce . I have seen ya’lls work and work like to know if you have any ideas on this it means the world to me he was my second dad.. thank you for your time ..

  2. Kaitlin Said,

    i am looking to get a tattoo for a friend who passed away…its going to be complicated and i need help.

  3. Juan Said,

    my son passed away last week, and i would like to get in loving memory tattoo in his honor. he was 6 1/2 weeks. do you guys have any ideas??

  4. cathrine Said,

    I looking for a tattoo in memory of my friends she passed away in 2005. she was like my sister, we been best friends since we were in the 2nd grade and i miss her so much. and i want someting with a cross but not really big.

  5. john Said,

    my wife gave birth to my daughter which was born at 21 weeks and did not survive. then 3 days later gave birth to my son which unfortunatel did not live i am thinking of old english style lettering with their names and dates around my neck.

  6. jhon 2 Said,

    how r u every body .this tatoos are good

  7. Holly Said,

    On Nov. 3, 2009 I gave birth to my son at only 25 weeks along, on Nov. 3, 2009 my son passed away. I would like to get a tattoo in his remembrance but I’m having a hard time finding the right one. Just wondering if you guys could help?

  8. john Said,

    Both of my grandfathers passed away and i was looking for ideas for a first time tattoo in memory of them.

  9. lucy-jo Said, husband passed 11/13/09. So on his 65th bithday 11/22/09 I got his initials & dates tattooed inside a Harley sign. But I want more any ideas? Buy the way please don’t judge us there is an age difference I’m 36. & not a gold digger, there’s no money only love.

  10. krystal Said,

    my brother passed away and i was looking at designing a tattoo for him i want his name and date of birth and death also i want a crown in it this will be a first tattoo can anyone help me design it

  11. Sarah Said,

    i just turned 18 and I have lost 3 very close friends since being in highschool and i want a tattoo in honor of them. one was male and died at age 14 from cancer, two were female both 17 and both died in car wreaks form hitting trees(at sepreat times). Any ideas? and i would like to include 3 stars.

  12. Kaz Said,

    i had a team mate pass away with cancer, i was wanting something to do with basketball and her name or number.. and ideas to make it one of a kind?

  13. Mason Boyes Said,

    I am looking for a tattoo for a fallen friend. I would greatly appreciate it if you could E-mail any to me that have crosses and or banners on them. Please and thank you.

  14. Grace Said,

    hi i am looking for a tattoo in memory for my nephews i was just woundering if you know how to do the names Rory and Jay in japanesse or Kanji anything like that.

  15. shezy Said,

    hey i’m looking 4 an idea 4 a tattoo in memory of my 5 grandprents in which were my three pops, nana and gran and would like to have it all in one smallish tatoo any help? x

  16. smiley Said,

    I lost 2 older brothers I wana get rip tats on my arms any ideas

  17. christina Said,

    for those of u who lost childeren im very sorry u had to go through that.maybe u should consider getin a tattoo of something that reminds u of them, or their foot prints, or a portriate.

  18. rebecca Said,

    hello, i lost my best friend to leukemia cancer she was 14 she died 8/29/2008 and then three months later i lost my brother 11/29/2008 from testicular cancer that spread through the body . i was thinking of two large stars with large wings any other ideas?

  19. Saibhe McCarthy Said,

    Hi my dad passed away recently. I’m looking for a tattoo that symbolises the hurt but also the love any ideas?

  20. Nichole Said,

    Hi! I would just like to say I have been searching the internet for ideas for a few weeks now and have not come across anything close to the amazing detail I have seen here on your site. I would love to have an idea from you as to what to do for my son. I am a 31 year old mother that has thought for many many years about getting a tattoo. However, even in my younger years I always thought there would come a day that I would regret it. Therefore that and my fear of needles kept me from ever doing it. Having lost my beautiful baby boy to a heart condition at only one month and 4 days old (after an open heart surgery and numerous promises from doctors that he would be okay) I have decided I could live to be 90 and not regret having him a permanent part of my body! Sooooo, could you please give me an idea? I love the picture I saw of the baby and the one of the baby laying in the hands as well. However if I didn’t do the picture I would like something representing what he went through during his short time here on earth and the strength that he portrayed through all the pain he endured. Also like something referencing his heart problem and representing his passing. If you could give me an idea and also let me know where you are located. I might just save up and make this a trip for him and come to “you” to get it done should you come up with something unique and special…I definately wouldn’t just take it somewhere else that’s for sure. I have more respect than that. So, email me this information so I can see if you are within a considerable distance to travel to do this for my son…thank you…

  21. Nichole Said,

    Okay I do not want this to sound rude AT ALL as I am still (as I said in my previous comment) very impressed by your work. However, I am wondering how this site works now. Because lookin at the picture of the baby Jaiden…it is AMAZING!!!! Then the picture of the guys wife (1st picture 4th row down) I know there is no way the same two people did those two tattoos. So, do people post pictures of their tattoos on this site as well? How do I know what is “your” work? The picture of the baby Jaiden that is large on the main page and the picture of the baby laying in the hands on the second row are both amazing detail and that is the work I am interested in!! Therefore, please let me know who it is that does this work and where they are located. The details as to what I am looking for is in my previous comment. Thank you very much for your time and I really hope to hear from you!

  22. corey Said,

    I was looking to get a tattoo for my grandfather that passed away he was a farmer and i grow up on the farm and i was wanting a john deere logo with his name in it some how..could some one please help me?

  23. Jaival Said,

    i am looking for the tattoo for my girlfriend. we broke up couple of days back because of some family problems but i love her a lot. and want to get tattoo in the memory of our relationship and the golden days we spend together. I am not looking for heart, i am looking for angel or fairy but not girly……n also need to get her initial in tattoo in such a way no one can figure it out…. her initials are ‘T’. this tattoo is in the hope of one day she will come back to me and 4 my incomplete love……i should feel her around when i see this tatoo….. can some one plz help me out with this??other designs are also appreciated.

    thanks 4 reading i appreciate it….

  24. stevie Said,

    hi, my name is stevie. im getting a tattoo on my 17 birthday which is july 3rd in memory of my cousin.
    He committed suicide in 09 at the age of 23 and i miss him dearly, he was like my brother. I am looking for a good tattoo idea; he was a rebel loved rebel flags so i’d like something in that area. could you please help me?

  25. tattoo design Said,

    I agree that “in loving memory tattoos will never go out of style”. We will be in a situation wherein we would like to honor someone someday somehow.

  26. Ashely Said,

    ok.. well my g-pa died of cancer a while back… nd i was wondering if i could get sumhelp designin a tat w/his date of birth, nd his death dat in a cross w/ dah cancer ribon on it sumwear….

  27. Shoaff Said,

    Well my grandpa passed away after fighting his battle with cancer for 15 yrs and i am wanting to get a tattoo in memory of him. He loved to hunt, fish, farm, and be with family and I was just wondering if you have any suggestions or ideas on what to get?

  28. Hannah Said,

    Hey, I want to get a tattoo behind me ear in memory of a friend that was murdered a few years back. I want it kinda small, but to include his initials and maybe some kinda design.. I’m not real sure.. If anybody has any design ideas, it would really help and would be greatly appreciated.

  29. lj Said,

    i was thinking of gettin a tattoo in rememberance of my cousin john. jun 20 1982-april 25 1996. how should i get it i really ned some ideas…

  30. eddy d Said,

    I will be back home from my first deployment in a couple of days and I trying to come up with the perfect design to honor my brother who passed in a fatal car wreck a few months before I left. He was just beginning to turn his life around and had no idea how proud i was of him. He was the oldest and always had my back which I know he is stil protecting me and my two sisters. If I could get something to add I know I want his portrait but would like to add something else to it.

  31. jorge Said,

    my mom past away 5 years ago and i need some help faining a perfect tattoo that will remaind me of her

  32. Jazmin Said,

    Hello, my aunt passed away 04.14.04 and i really loved her she died of brain damage and it seems that no one cares that she passed away, well i am a girl and i want to know what will be a good idea as of getting a tatt of her passing. Please help

  33. Jazmin Said,

    Oh her name is Idayme

  34. Nkosana Said,

    I recently lost my grandmother who was a mother to me, i want a tattoo that is going to symbolise the hero and a strong woman she was in her memory, any ideas???

  35. jessi Said,

    i had a friend die from the swine flu and i want a tat in memory of her i was thinkin maybe a heart with the words in loving memory of nichole i dont know plez helpmi

  36. Ashka Said,

    I lost my father 6 years ago on my bday and I would like to get a tattoo in memory of him. Since we’re both Leos and both have a strong faith in God i would like to somehow incorporate that into the tattoo. Any feedback would be awesome!!

  37. sam mcdaniel Said,

    hey im needing some tatoo ideas of anything bout wolfs snd the pic to 417 217 1501im really needing ideas

  38. Amanda Said,


    you could do a heart with a ribbon type thing around it with her name and dates or birth and death. its basic but get the point accross. sorry if you think its lame.

  39. Mansai Said,

    i want to make a tatoo and dedicate this to all my loved ones , who shared with me when they departed. Plz somebody give me a design of the tatoo………….what i think must be a pheonex , peace, love.

  40. meliisa Said,

    looking to get my 1st tattoo my dad passed away almost a year ago and i want to get in loving memory tattoo but cant decide what to get and where

  41. alice Said,

    my friend passed away just over a month ago and i’m planning to get a memorial tattoo for her but am not totally sure of what to have yet…she really liked tatty teddy/me-to-you bears so i’m thinking one of them with her dates but do you folks think thats ok? i’m really nervous for it, its a first-time tat

  42. teddy Said,

    my grandma passed away when i was just a baby and i really wanna get a tattoo of an owl to remind me of her cuz that as her favorite animal. And i found out my mom only has less then a year to live and im looking for a really cool tattoo to get in loving memory of her . i Was thinking maybe something like a cross with prayer hands something along that category.

  43. Chad Said,

    I have a tattoo of a cross already on my right shoulder blade and I would like to add to it. My grandmother just passed away and if possible I would like to add “in loving memory” “Grandma and Grandpa” and the years of there life to it. I was thinking about adding a banner going around the cross but not sure how to do that. Please help me out.

  44. jennifer Said,

    My father passed away the 14th of dec, 2010… He was an amazing and very respected man. I want to get something that means as much to me as he did… I was his baby girl, and he is the 1 man i compare all others to… i love and miss him so… Anyone have any ideas? I also don’t want something everyone else has, it needs to be as individual as he was. Thanks Jennifer

  45. Amy Said,

    Hi, im looking for a tattoo im memorial of my dad… buti dont know where to get it or what to have… i would like a love heart.. or something like that.. please help. thankyou.

  46. zoe neville Said,

    hiya im lookin for a tattoo in memory of my daughter, i havent got the slightest idea what i want except i want something to do with stars, i dont no where 2 start please help thanks zoe x

  47. kay Said,

    Hey,I am looking for a tattoo in memory of my idol 2pac as a tribute to him,but I dont have any ideas.I really want a stylish tribute to him as he’s influenced my life a lot,so,on the wrist,on the arm,I have no clue.Can anyone please suggest some good ideas?
    Thanx! :)

  48. Kyla Said,

    Hi there I am looking to get a tattoo for my Grannie ( grandma ) as she committed suicide march 23, 2008 , I think of her every day and have been wanting to get a memorial piece for her, for ahwile now I just can’t decide ! My ideas are : getting her initials with her date of birth & death, getting her initials with some sort of quote such as ” always & forever” or ” in the arms of the angels”, or possibly something with a cross because I havent stop wearing her cross necklace since the day she passed, I also wouldnt mind getting something with a rose and / or a carnation flower in it but I was wondering if there was any way to make the rose look half wilted & half alive as my grannie was bipolar and I think this would represent this quite well I just can not decide, any suggestions, please get back to me :)

  49. kim Said,

    hi , my mother passed away march 11 2011 and im looking to get a tattoo for her , she was a quadaplgic and survived 19 1/2 years as one , they told us she would only make it about 7 and she beat all the ods , her bday is march 17 and thats st. Patrick day , she loved 4 leaf clovers the color green all shades of it , well ive been trying to think of away to get a 4 leaf clover in with a moon and angel wings , i love moons i have 2 tattoos and both are moons , so if you have any ideas would love the help im stuck , just want something to show for her she was my rock , the reason im here and she showed so much strength and proved doctors wrong for so long , thank you

  50. Chelsea Said,

    My good friend died almost two months ago, he was hit by a car while he was walking to my friends house and killed(worst thing ive ever dealt with, this is the 2nd friend ive had die).. which I was there waiting to hangout with him. and i was just with him that morning too. I’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo for him, i know what i really wanna get but idk where because its something i wouldnt want my family to see. but its mine and his biggest memory. wheres a good place to get it?

  51. Carina Said,

    My son chose to leave this world last year…he was my only son and I would like a memorial tatt of him..Sadly the only photo I have of him is not all that clear so I am wondering if a good tatt could be made of him? I am also looking for a tatt to surpise my husband with…its a guitar and a spider web is attached to it with a spider hanging from its thread can something like that be done or found? I will know it when I see it so I am turning to you guys for help since I have read so many possitive comments about your site.

  52. Justin Said,

    My names Justin,I lost my grandmother on 9-24-03 from cancer,I was only 8 years old and now I’m 16 and would love to get a portrait of her and some how put a pink ribbon in the tattoo and a rose…any body got ideas let me know…my email is

    Thank You.

  53. tina maki Said,

    Hi, I am looking for a rare tattoo for my mother who passed away last september.
    I want a tattoo that shows beauty and strength and I want it to be rare , and one of a kind.My mother was a beautiful woman and very kind to all who passed through in her life she always had a smile and helping others was one thing she was great at making a person feel loved and she was a great mother, taught me to be honest and to help others and do the best you can and to love yourself for who you are, and to never let anybody make you feel small. I havent found a tattoo that just takes me away, i want one that when i look at it it says “MARY”- Free and at peace now, and and will always be thought of no matter where I am, she is the reason I am the woman that I am today and strong, independent, She is my angel watching me. I do have a image of wings and her hands in between crossed over one another with a cross hanging from her hands .fro name tattoed under and around
    with stars surrounding from shoulder to shoulder across back of my neck.

  54. TJ Said,

    I’m morning a friend so I want to tattoo his name on my shoulder with aliens and fire around it because he was a Volunteer Firefighter and an “Alien” on Earth.

  55. Kass Said,

    My best friend passed away in a car crash 7 months tmrw and I’m having trouble with tattoo ideas. Please help! I’m almost 17 and she was also 17. I would like something small.

  56. Bradly Said,

    Hi! My dad has passed away from pancreotic cancer due to the years of wear and tear from alcohol and drug abuse i would like to know if you have any ideas to represent him, he wasn’t the greatest dad but he did teach me a lot more then he knows. i would like a “memorial” tattoo on my right bicep/tricep. If you have any ideas let me know! thanks :)

  57. Christi Said,

    I want to get a tattoo of a cross in reminder that my sister still lives, but in a better place. She passed away on August 17, 2007, exactly 2 months before her 19th birthday. I would like some ideas!!! Please help!!!! Thanks!

  58. Mindy Said,

    My fiancee passed a week ago due to complications from kidney disease. He was 31 and had been dealing with it his whole life. I have no idea what to get but do not want a religous theme or his whole name. He fought for a very long time, and eventually threw a blood clot that he never woke up. Any ideas?

  59. xeeea Said,

    Heeey, i need ideas, i wanna get a tattoo, that has in loving memory Nan and pop, on my shoulder, but dunno what? please help.

  60. lisbeth Said,

    I lost my boyfried two years ago. He was 20. He was crossing the road and got hit by a car. It was in the afternoon and my going away drinks were that night as I was leaving for Europe a week later. I was thinking of getting “Nothing Else Matters” tattoo on my rib as Nothing Else Matters by Metallica played at his funeral. I’m thinking the dates below it as well. Also, my best friend committed suicide 3 weeks ago. I spoke to him the day before and everything seemed fine. It’s so hard to cope with, not seeing or hearing him all the time. He was always there for me and I could tell him anything. I miss him more than words can describe. We had been through a lot together and have had a few big arguments but he was always my best friend and I love him so much. I want to get a tatto for him too but I’m not sure what to get. I want a quote and then the dates below it and maybe his name as well. I’m not sure where to get it either. I want to be able to look at it all the time. I would love to get it on the 19th September as that is his birthday. He would be turning 26. Any suggestions? Please help?

  61. pritie Said,

    hye, i wanna get my 1st tatoo. and dis gona be my very special tattoo… need ur guys help to give me an idea and a design. i want to have a initial of R in a such way no one can figure it out. i wants it to have the feminine touch wif flowers and peacock freather. make it look very beautifull.. im fond of beautifull and creative things.!! hope to hear from you soon. tanx alot ya..! :)

  62. callum Said,

    I wanted to get a tattoo in memory of my child, my girlfriend had an abortion and ive struggled to deal with it since, what bothers is me is that i will never know what he or she looked like, and i find it hard to deal with because there is no where to go to mourn, for example a tombstone so i wanted to incorporate that into the design, does anyone have any ideas, i chose the name demir if he was a boy and ive stuck with that ever since, thanks

  63. Anna Said,

    I’m looking for a design. My daughter was born on Aug. 2 2011, Her daddy committed suicide on Aug. 1 2011. I wanted something that represents life(the birth of Allyson Jade), death(the death of the love of my life Brandon Veal), and love. Any ideas would be great.

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