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For many people Italian tattoos show a pride in heritage; however, some people choose these designs simply to signify their love for Italy and all of the wonderful culture that goes along with it.

For those wishing to show their pride, one of the more popular Italian tattoos is the national flag of Italy. However, the way in which they depict this tricolor emblem tends to vary. For instance, one may choose to use the green white and red flag in its traditional form; others, though, may recreate the flag in the shape of Italy, a heart or a crest. Some people may also mix the flag with other relevant attributes in their tattoos, such as religious symbols, military insignia or meaningful quotes in Italian.

For either the proud or the fascinated, creating Italian tattoos that depict the many sites, stories and fantastic art of this country can be a great option. One idea is to show a picture of one of the more scenic areas of Italy. Rolling green hills with some of the native plant life such as tall cypress, margherita gigante or jasmine; or, some of the more traditional gift-giving flowers like white lilies and pink or yellow roses. If you would prefer a more simple depiction of the local flora, you can use the image of ramo fiorito (or flourishing branch). This phrase often describes a slender branch bearing pink, purple or white blooms, and it can be placed beautifully along the side of the leg or across the shoulders. You can create similar images with some of the more famous historical landmarks of Italy such as the towering pillars of the Roman Forums, the large domes of the Santa Maria Del Fiore Duomo, or a gondola peacefully floating through the canals of Venice.

Many Italian tattoos also feature some of the extraordinary art that this country is famous for. Be it classic or modern, paintings or the expansive designs of the architecture, these pieces can easily be translated into a fantastic tattoo. For instance, a depiction of the San Vitale mosaics could easily create a unique masterpiece that can cover large areas of the body. Another good example would be to take the vast scroll work designs of Italian buildings to create a border for either a painting, a portrait or simply a quote. Many people prefer to use proverbs that are expertly translated into Italian for this purpose.

There are many options for creating Italian tattoos, and regardless of your reason for getting them, you can be certain that the design you choose will have rich, colorful and have deep historical roots.

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