Jellyfish Tattoos, Designs, Pictures, and Ideas

jellyfish tattoosJellyfish tattoos are commonly seen as a symbol of calm, grace, and just generally ‘going with the flow’ of life. They are also frequently used by people with a fascination for the sea, or an affinity for all of interesting life that dwells in it.

Given the unique appearance of this creature, many people like to create jellyfish tattoos that are boldly colored, and intricate in design. One example of this is to create something that looks like an elaborate illustration, or something from a fantasy painting. This may be done in several ways, such as creating thin crude lines for the tentacles, and a round, plated disc for the body; you could also create something with thicker tentacles, with bright colors that fade into each other, and something similar in appearance to an umbrella for the body.

Some jellyfish tattoos take on a more realistic feel. These designs can range in color from a very pale pink, to bright orange, or even depict a more transparent outline that shows the dark or azure blue color of the water surrounding it. You could also create a jellyfish with a dark red zigzag design around the upper part of the body, and thin wisps for the tentacles; or create a small brood of jellyfish in varying colors.

Occasionally people like to create unusual images with their jellyfish tattoos. One good example of this would be an alien design. Since jellyfish have a naturally otherworldly look, you could easily turn them into any number of strange beasts. The echizen kurage — which is excessively large and has an appearance similar to a stringy mushroom — could easily be transformed into the image of a jellyfish floating gracefully through space, while wrapping its feathery tentacles around a planet. Another idea for a more unusual feel would be to put the blossom of a flower in place of the body, or conversely, create tentacles that look like roots, while the body blossoms from them.

Given that jellyfish tattoos are one of the less frequently seen styles, they denote not only grace and calm, but a certain uniqueness that few others can claim.

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  1. Audrey C Said,

    I just kinda happened upon this site but I have the EXACT same jellyfish tattooed on me as the girl in the 11th photo. In fact, I thought the photo was of me as first. Same side too.

    Terrible photo BUT I swear it’s the same!

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