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Every ruler has his own strengths and weaknesses. This is equally true for king tattoos; they all have their own peculiar symbolism, and every item that surrounds them tells a different story.

It is not unusual to see king tattoos that feature the identifiable royalty of playing cards. These are generally done in the modern French style, which depict the king of each suite in bright, bold colors (both their specific red or black hues, and colors like emerald green, navy blue, and gold), with large symbols and letters to indicate their status. English playing cards can also be used for this particular style. Although more subdued in color (faded red and black, generally), they feature a remarkable amount of design, and give the appearance of either being intricately carved and printed from a woodblock, or painted by hand.

Some people prefer king tattoos that are steeped in history. These usually depict such folkloric characters as King Arthur, Rawana (the king of Sri Lanka with ten heads), and Oberon (better known as the “king of shadows and fairies”). Characters such as these are popular for king tattoos as they are filled with adventurous, romantic, or interesting tales that can easily be translated into bold and colorful body art. Some of the Greek kings of mythology may also make for unique pieces; for instance, King Midas turning everything his touches into gold; Ixion chained to a revolving, flaming wheel; or Pygmalion carving the ivory statue of Galatea.

Many king tattoos feature this character as something other than human (or god-like, as in the mythology theme). For example, you may see the king as a monkey sitting upon a thrown, wearing a circlet crown and red velvet cape. For something a bit different, you could create a Day of the Dead-like scene with a skeleton on one knee being crowned by a tall, bony king with a fur-lined cape, crown, and jeweled scepter in hand.

Some king tattoos have a design similar to those you would see spray painted on a wall. These designs often feature bright colors, and thick, sharp lettering that says ‘king,’ and may include names as well. This design will often show things like crowns, banners, skulls, and flames. One of the more interesting takes on this particular style is to place any (or all) of these symbols on a portrait. This is usually done on pictures of children, pets, or loved ones.

Although king tattoos may not be as prevalent as their ‘princess‘ or ‘queen’ counterparts, they are still not entirely uncommon, and can be used in a large variety of ways to create unusual, and amazing pieces of body art.

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