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Largely considered a feminine piece, ladybug tattoos are actually unisex when it comes to symbolism. Although ladybugs are associated with a number of things – from bringing good weather, to conjuring love – they are most often thought to be symbols of good luck. According to folklore, if one of these brightly-hued bugs lands on you, it will bring good fortune to your life. Because of this, many people feel that having the image of a ladybug pressed to their skin will bring them lasting and infinite luck.

Many people prefer simplicity and realism when it comes to ladybug tattoos. These pieces are often small and discreet and feature this creature with its characteristic red and black wings. In some cases, people take the simplicity further and use a basic silhouette with a black outline surrounding the wearer’s natural skin tone. Alternatively, some may prefer to use bright, though unusual, colors of blue, purple, yellow, pink or white.

Because ladybug tattoos are predominantly feminine, it is not uncommon to see cute or cartoon-like versions of this bug. For example, it might have exceedingly large, sad eyes, a bow placed atop its head or red, pouty lips and long eyelashes on its face. One interesting idea for this style would be to morph the small, black dots into hearts or stars.

Although most ladybug tattoos are light-hearted, some may be made a little darker. For instance, it may be shown crawling out of the eye of a skull, it may be made to look skeletal or have blood-dripping fangs. A variation on this theme would be to make the ladybug a lime green hue and place a hazard symbol on its wings. It could also be done in a steampunk style, with copper wings and dark, turning gears in place of the black dots.

Although simplicity may be common for ladybug tattoos, it is not unusual to see these creatures mingled with other symbols or images. Flowers are frequently used alongside these bugs, and they can often be found crawling up a stem, or lounging on a leaf or petal. Other emblems for luck – such as four-leaf clovers, horseshoes and dice – are also frequently seen in ladybug pieces. For a more unusual take on this theme, the ladybug could be made to look like little red dice with perfectly aligned black dots.

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  1. Carol Cooper Said,

    If I were to have a tattoo placed on my ankle, it would have to be a sweet little ladybug, wonderful designs!

  2. David Said,

    Thanks Carol, come see us again soon!

  3. Melody Said,

    My daughter and I have a special luillabye about ladybugs. She will be passing away soon at the age of 2. I will be getting a ladybug and some of the lyrics tattooed as my own little piece of her to carry with me for always.

  4. Admin - David Said,


    I would love to see the piece when it’s completed. =0)

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