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Leprechaun tattoos most commonly find their meaning in the love of all things Irish. A few other examples would be Shamrocks, a Four Leaf Clover, and the Harp. More specifically for the Leprechaun however, the wearer of such a design would be one seeking mischief and maybe a little alchoholic fun. Leprechauns in the history of Ireland were known to run rampant and raid the wine and liquor cabinets of houses, sometimes earning them the name Clurichaun. Leprechaun tattoos are also a symbol of the “little people” and are mainly worn by Irish Americans, rather than Irish natives. Irish natives perceive that the Leprechaun tattoo is “plastic” and not authentically Irish. Though leprechauns are part of Irish history, they have changed over the years and slowly became Americanized. But Irish Americans may feel that Leprechaun tattoos mark them as one of the little people and show their remembrance of their heritage.

Many design options can be chosen for one seeking a Leprechaun tattoo. They can be portrayed as light and jovial, sometimes with a pot of gold, a four leaf clover, or shamrock in the background. Most always are they clad in their classic green suits, but those in Ireland prefer to go with the more traditional looks, whose color was more commonly red. More often than not though, leprechaun tattoos feature a leprechaun doing something mischievous, such as dropping his pants, flipping the bird, or brandishing a bottle of liquor. Leprechaun tattoos may also have phrases under or around them. Examples of this include “Luck of the Irish”, and “Where da gold at?” Many people have also gotten the Leprechaun tattoos because their football team happens to be the Notre Dame “Fighting Irish” whose mascot is a leprechaun. This particular Leprechaun tattoo is usually shown as the profile of the Leprechaun, with his fist raised, always ready for a fight.

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  1. Brian Said,

    Hi i was wondering if anybody has a tattoo of a fighting Irish leprechaun with tricolour boxing gloves and a tricolour waistcoat on.

  2. admin Said,

    Pretty specific Brian, can’t say that I know of a design offhand but I will search for you.

  3. sean Said,

    hi i was wondering if anybody has a tattoo of a fighting irish leprechaun holding the irish flag up

  4. Katie Said,

    If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, I’m sure your tattoo artist would be more than happy to draw something up for you. Find the fighting Irish leprechaun and ask for boxing gloves with tri colors? I’m sure they’ve had requests like that before. <3

  5. mike Said,

    i was looking for a stencil or even where the leprechaun number 7 of 11 would be available? i have seen it as i googled it but can’t find who did it or if i could buy a stencil of it or any help. the one i am speaking of is the leprechaun with his fists up and tri colored socks. any help? thanks mike

  6. dirk van der mescht Said,

    i just want to hear if you can send me aleprechaun pic for my matric shirt.

  7. victoria Said,

    go for the irish were the best there are!! lol

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