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Although symbols may say a lot while still maintaining a bit of mystery, sometimes it is better to be frank; and with all of the beautiful languages, words, and typography available, it is no surprise that lettering tattoos have a place in many body art enthusiast’s hearts.

Lettering tattoos can express any number of things. For instance, you might see a word or short phrase that is significant to the wearer; you might see small quotes, music lyrics, or long poetic verses. However, by far the most popular choice for script tattoos include religious texts. Some of these include either full, or abridged Bible passages; Buddhist text or prayers; Taoist quotes, or even Wiccan incantations. Whether or not the wearer is a staunch follower of any particular religion, the texts they use may speak to them, or give them a feeling of peace or protection.

There is an almost endless amount of typography that can be used for lettering tattoos. Some of the most popular include bold gothic and Roman, basic but flowery cursive, or bright, graffiti-styled lettering. You may occasionally see lettering tattoos that are in a variety of languages. These include both Japanese and Chinese kanji script, Hebrew, Greek, and Indian or Tibetan scripts.

Although most lettering tattoos are very basic, and usually show just the words in their plain beauty, many people like to place them in a more ornate setting. These designs often have borders made of flowers and vines; they may be made in a geometrically intricate art deco fashion; a heavy Greek key, or a simple laurel leaf pattern. Some like to add symbols along with their script. Usually these are quite straightforward, and include things like hearts and roses, flames and water, animals, insects, and stars. However, it is not unusual to see items that may seem strange to the casual onlooker, but are highly important to the wearer.

Many lettering tattoos stick to the basic text, but with a small twist. These may transform the words into animals or human; the text may be twisted into a spiral, or even puzzle-like pattern; they may be seen blossoming from the thorny stem of a rose, or spilling from a waterfall out into a deep pool of words.

Lettering tattoos may not be terribly unusual when it comes to body art. However, with the amount of profound written words that have been around for ages, and are coming to light every day, the type of script tattoo can be very unique.

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