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In general, scales are thought to symbolize balance – balance in life, in career, even in love. Because of this, it is not surprising to see this image creep into the body art of a variety of people. However, scales are most commonly seen in Libra tattoos, as they are widely known to represent this particular sign. Libra pieces are typically worn by those born between September 23rd and October 22nd, but may also be worn to help represent a friend or a loved one that is born in the same time frame. Although scales are common symbols for Libra body art, other images may also be used to help represent this sign.

Scales are some of the most commonly seen objects in Libra tattoos as they not only help to visually express the sign itself, but because they are very versatile. For instance, they may stand alone or they may be held by a person, plant or creature; they may be made to look realistic or may be made out of a number of varying materials like wood, ribbon or fire; and they may be placed into a variety of different scenes. For a more unusual take on the traditional scale theme, swords could be used in place of the outstretched arms, while different elements – such as fire and water – could be used to help balance the scales.

Many Libra tattoos feature glyphs. The Libra glyph is made up of two parallel lines, the top one bearing a small half circle at its center. It is very common to see this particular style done in basic black and by itself, but may also be seen in many bright colors or mingled with other symbols that are relevant to the wearer.

Although basic scales are a favorite for Libra tattoos, there are several other symbols that serve to represent this sign. For example, the Greek goddess Themis is thought to be the physical embodiment of Libra as she is thought to represent order. The goddess Justitia is another representative of this sign and can be seen as the goddess of justice in tarot cards. Both goddesses are frequently used in body art and are often shown holding a scale or wearing the Libra glyph.

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  1. locomiimii15 Said,

    damn i like the tatz son fuck ima libra and im tryina find an tat for my 18th birthday like fore real i need hep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. linda Said,

    im looking to get my first tattoo soon, but i cant found or figure out how to put a libra and a virgo sign together . Can anyone help me or give me an idea… thanks….

  3. Kay Said,

    Hi, I’m just like linda… I’m about to get my first tattoo too, but i really want a combi of a virgo and a libra sign can anyone help me with one to, or with any kind of ideas of how you can do that…. I’ll really appreciated it… thx

  4. Alana Said,

    Linda…my husband is a Libra, and I am a Virgo. I am thinking that I will get the Libra scales tattooed with the astrological sign for Virgo on one side of the scale, and the sign for eternity on the other side.

  5. jerome Said,

    at first i thought getting a tattoo was a taboo.but now i feel okay with them and looking forward for more designs. got three already and i think thats not enough

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