Live Laugh Love Tattoos, Designs, Pictures, and Ideas

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There are a variety of ways you can create live laugh love tattoos, but the meaning is fairly clear. These tattoos are frequently used by those who have a passion for life; whether it be a new found joy that they have found in existence, or a lifelong passion for it. These tattoos indicate a true feeling of happiness with all that life has to offer.

The most popular style for live laugh love tattoos is simple wording. These may be done in a variety of fonts, but the most commonly seen is a long, flowing cursive. You may also see it in bulky gothic, or bold block letters. Some may choose a more unconventional route for this design, and use kanji, Greek, or Hebrew script. You may also see these words done in French, Italian, Latin, or any of the romance languages.

Sometimes live laugh love tattoos feature symbols rather than words. There are many symbols that indicate all three of these words. For instance, the Celtic triple spiral, the Egyptian ankh, and seeds of every variety all represent life. Native Americans see otters as symbols of laughter; comedy masks, and small smiling faces can also symbolize laughter. Finally, symbols for love are definitely the most abundant. You can use the traditional hearts and red roses, or you could try for something a little less conventional like triangles (which in Buddhist teachings symbolize an invocation of love), or even the Kenaz, Berkano, or Ingwaz runes, which all represent a different type of love.

Some people prefer to take a more unusual approach to the worded versions of live laugh love tattoos. These generally depict the words in clear, simple English; however, the words may be placed randomly around the body, or may be entwined in vines, or spiraling patterns; wrapped around flowers, or placed in puzzle-like blocks. Although many like to use cursive, or plain block letters, some like to use heavy calligraphy styles; others may have the appearance of being written on the skin in languid handwriting. Some people also like to use letters that are large enough to place pictures within them, like portraits of loved ones, flowers, or animals.

There are many reasons why a person would get live laugh love tattoos, but one thing is certain: this uncomplicated saying has become a motto for those who appreciate life, and want to experience it – both good and bad – as fully as possible.

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  1. April Said,

    does anyone know the font of the live laugh love in picture 14? I want to get a tattoo with that font and i cant find it!

  2. Allison Said,

    Does anyone know the what Live, Laugh, Love in Scottish Gaelic?

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