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There are two main reasons why people get lizard tattoos; the first being that lizards are seen as a symbol of regeneration and may be used by a person who has narrowly escaped what was or would have been a very bad situation. The second being the simple fact that lizards are fascinating. They have a distinctive look that can be found nowhere else in either the natural, or unnatural world.

The majority of lizard tattoos are created in a cartoon style. One of the most popular lizards for this style is the gecko. This small creature with its colorful body and uncanny ability to stick to surfaces make them a great choice for lizard tattoos. Most geckos have a stunning green hue, with spots of yellow and blue lining their legs, tail and around their eyes. Some people choose to invert the coloring, or add purples, reds and pinks to the scheme. Many people also like to add other symbols; they may choose to create a line of flowers going up the lizard’s back, flames shooting out from the back of its feet, or have its tail wrapped around a yin yang symbol. Chameleons can also make for an interesting design. A unique idea would be to have part of the lizard’s body in its natural color, whilst the other half appears to be melding into the color of your own skin.

More stylized lizard tattoos are also quite common. A few examples of this are the tribal, Aztec and Celtic lizards. Tribal lizard tattoos can either have simple lines, or be very ornate; both of these styles generally tend to take one long, black line that will curve into many spherical branches, or many straight and sharp branches. The Aztec lizards tend to use more natural colors of green and brown, and use well defined geometrical patterns for the lizard’s back and tail. Celtic lizard tattoos, like the tribal variation, are mostly done in monotone colors. They often feature Celtic knots, or loop chain designs to create the body of the lizard.

Given the fact that their meaning is quite simple, lizard tattoos are not seen as often as others may be. However, this may be a good thing, as your tattoo will certainly be quite unique, not to mention a lot of fun.

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  1. Darren101 Said,

    Nice tattos people i just posted this comment because i was going to get a tatto of a liazrd im getting one because i lived in FLORDIA and saw alot of those guys and was interested.But lets get to the point what kind of lizrad tatto should i get. Peole can u give me any idea of what lizard tat should i get? and im 17.

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