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Many lotus tattoos follow the deep symbolism held in Buddhist beliefs. With head facing up toward the heavens, and feet planted firmly in the ground; each petal showing the struggle of man’s existence, and the center signifying the balance and enlightenment that every human strives for. Lotus tattoos may also be a symbol of growing — beautiful and strong — from an otherwise unfavorable situation.

There is a good deal of mythology that surrounds the lotus flower. It is said in some stories to be a symbol of creation. One great depiction would be of the myth of the sun emerging from the newly opened petals of the flower. You could also use the Egyptian symbol of the blue lotus opening and rising from the water at sunrise. For a more ornate piece, you could use the Indian story of the goddess Laxmi bursting through the petals of a lotus, which was placed upon the forehead of Vishnu.

Lotus tattoos can be quite simple; however, they may also feature intricate designs. One interesting idea would be to depict the seven chakras of the practice of Kundalini. Each chakra is associated with one of five elements (including space), and either consciousness or enlightenment. Each chakra shows a lotus flower with its own color, and in a different state bloom. For example, the Muladhara chakra has only four petals unfolded, and is a crimson shade; while the Visuddha has 16 petals and is a purple hue. These flowers can be placed in their corresponding areas, for instance; the Manipur chakra may be placed on the lower abdomen, while the Svadhisthana may be placed on the pelvis.

Lotus tattoos frequently depict the flower by itself, in its natural setting. Some tattoos depict the lotus emerging from a muddy area; it may also be shown floating peacefully in a pool of water, with birds or bugs flitting around the bud. Some people like to take the realistic image, and add extra elements such as fire, stars or beams of light bursting through the petals.

The lotus is seen in many ways; as a peaceful symbol, an emblem of spiritual enlightenment, or simply as the beautiful figure that it is.

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