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Everyone has at least one favorite song. This song speaks to you, describes you and your life perfectly, has kept you emotionally centered, and generally happy. For some people, this one perfect song has meant the world to them, and they decide to keep that amazing music with them forever. Lyrics tattoos may not be exceptionally common, but for those who get them, they are just as important as the music itself.

The majority of lyrics tattoos feature lyrics in a flowing cursive style; however, you can use a variety of different fonts, depending on where you place them on your body. Many people like to use the full lyrical text, and so you may want to use a finer, smoother font if you choose to place the words on a smaller area such as an arm or a leg. One alternative to this would be to place different parts of the song on different areas of the body. For example, you could place the chorus on one arm, a verse on the other, the refrain on the chest, and any further verses on the lower stomach. If you would prefer to use a bolder font on a small area of the body, you might also have the options of using only a specific part of the lyrics; only using the chorus once, or wrapping the words tightly around the body part.

Symbols and images can also be utilized to enhance lyrics tattoos. Some people may choose to underline important phrases with vines, or border the body of the text with flowers, stars, or chains. Candles may be placed under or above the text to ‘illuminate’ the words, or they may be given the appearance of being burnt or etched into the skin. Some people like their lyrics tattoos to follow a theme; this is especially true for more modern music where the musician may use very distinctive art for their albums, or may have an identifiable band logo. For more classical lyrics, you may also include a portrait of the artist behind or next to the lyrics. One unusual idea would be to place certain lyrics within the eyes and mouth of the pictured musician. Other musical paraphernalia is also used in this style. You may see lyrics placed on guitars or drums, or you may see them placed above musical notes that fit with the words.

Music speaks to us, and there is no better way to express your passion for it than with lyrics tattoos.

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