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In many ways, displaying the image of a marijuana leaf is still considered something of a taboo; all the same, marijuana tattoos have become a potent cultural icon. In general, a picture of this plant emblazoned on anything is representative of the wearer’s use of the plant; however, it has also come symbolize freedom, love, and peace. In fact, these plants have become the emblem for several subcultures, and may serve to represent a number of individual ideals. In a lot of ways, though, marijuana-inspired pieces are meant solely to represent fun, and are frequently used as a light-hearted poke to what is considered correct and lawful.

In many cases, marijuana tattoos feature simple designs that use only the leaf itself. Sometimes this is done in a realistic fashion – with jagged, medium-green leaflets, and a long, thick stem. This style frequently shows a portrait-like realism, but they may also appear in varying shades of green or black. Others still might maintain their real-life structure, while being done in unusual hues, like purple or red. A more unique version of this style would be to depict the plant as a botanical illustration, with sharp, crisp, yellow-green or dark green leaflets – you may even include an anatomical breakdown with labeled parts, such as

seeds and flowers.

Although realistic marijuana tattoos are not uncommon, one of the more popular styles include cartoon-like images of the plant. These images often bear brighter shades, and may show the leaf in a variety of scenes, or surrounded by a number of other symbols. For instance, a red-colored leaf may be mingled with the image of a rose; the leaflets might be arranged in the number 420; or a bright green plant may be draped with a banner that bears text which is relevant to the wearer. When mingled with other symbols, marijuana pieces are usually meant to make a bold political statement. For instance, multi-colored leaflets might make up a flag, a realistic plant might be placed within a flag, or the flag itself might be imprinted into the leaflets – all of which are typically meant to represent the wearer’s wish for the freedom of marijuana use.

Although marijuana tattoos may be either fun or politically charged pieces, it is very important to be certain of this choice. As there are many negative connotations connected with marijuana users, those who depict this plant for any reason take the chance of creating friction – both in the workplace, and in society as a whole.

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