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Military tattoos are often worn by soldiers to represent either their time in service or to represent fellow soldiers that were lost in battle. Although this is most common, family members and those with pride in their country may also wear this particular type of tattoo as a way to support the men and women who serve. There are many types of military pieces that can be used, and some of the most popular varieties include the emblems of specific branches, units and troops.

There are many military branches that bear unique emblems that those in the service may use to represent their affiliation. For example, someone in the Army may choose to wear a U.S. Army flag, which depicts the war office seal in blue, the words “The United States Army” on a red banner, and the year 1775 – the year in which the Army was established. Other Army-related military tattoos may show symbols pertaining to rank or branch, such as Cavalry, Infantry or Military Intelligence. In addition, some army tattoos depict the same decorations and awards that may be seen on the wearer’s uniform.

Like military tattoos that focus on those in the Army, Navy pieces often display rate, rank and affiliations. One of the more common pieces for this type of tattoo displays a rating badge that is often worn by those in the Navy. These badges are generally elongated squares that end in distinct points. At the center of these patches are chevrons. Above this emblem is a symbol of the wearer’s occupational specialty, while below it there are lines that meld to the lower point of the badge and serve in indicate pay grade. Other styles of Navy tattoos might show the official Navy emblem or ship classifications.

Marine Corps and Air Force military tattoos also occasionally show symbols of position, but generally depict official emblems. For example, the Marine Corps official seal may be seen, which depicts the globe held down by an anchor. Atop this globe sits an eagle bearing a scroll that states the Marine Corps motto “Semper Fidelis,” or “always faithful.” Marine Corps tattoos may also show badges that relate to certain qualifications such as diving or parachuting. One of the most common Air Force tattoos shows the well-known symbol, which shows a set of stylized wings made up of three lines and a lower portion made of a star, a sphere and three diamond shapes. Air Force roundels, relavent shields and badges are also popular choices for this style.

In addition to emblems that relate to specific groups, military pieces may also include symbols that are of importance to the wearer or show pride in their country. American and state-related flags are common symbols used for this type of body art, as are eagles, names and dates, and even realistic portraits of people in uniform.

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  1. eric vazquez Said,

    im looking for a tattoo. i have one in mind but i have not seen it before. it two 50. cals crossed with a scull in front of it wearing a army berret on its head with the justice symbols on it. with a banner below it. it stands for military police.

  2. sandy nickell Said,

    The Military Police symbol is 2 crossed pistols. I’ve never seen 50 cals.

  3. Keith Said,

    Hey, I am looking for a tattoo that my grandfather had. He recently passed away, and I want his tattoo to remember him by. I don’t have a picture of it, and it’s a pretty vague picture in my mind. It is a blue owl sitting on top of a wheel with spokes inside of it. The owl and wheel are outlined- not filled in- and I believe there is some writing under about the army under it. He got it a long time ago and it was fading by the time I really got to know him. Please, I know it is vague, but if anyone could help, it would be awesome. Thanks.

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