Monster Tattoos, Designs, Pictures, and Ideas

tattoo designsMonsters in their many incarnations have frightened and fascinated people for ages. Some people are so fascinated by these strange imaginary creatures that they cover themselves in monster tattoos. Whether it be a small symbol to express an affinity for this genre, or large, body-covering homages, these pieces are almost always attention grabbing.

One of the first places people go when considering monster tattoos is art; be it written fiction, or films. Some of the most popular characters include zombies, mummies and re-animated skeletons; in fact, any undead creature makes the list for popular monster tattoos. These tend to tap into our fears more than anything, and people like to use their imagination for them. For instance, you could create a ‘war of the undead’ scene; zombies battling vampires, etc. Many tattoos in this style are created almost purely by imagination; taking pieces from stories and creating a mutated or decaying creature; often utilizing a cartoon style with exaggerated features and bright colors. However, you may prefer to create a more stylistic version; either with fine, sharp lines, or even something more realistic, like a portrait.

Some like to turn to mythology for their monster tattoos. One need only flip through the pages of Greek and Celtic mythology to find a whole plethora of ideas. Some of the most recognizable Greek monsters include creatures such as Medusa, Cerberus and Hydra. For a more unique piece you could use one of the lesser known monsters of Greek mythology, the Hecatoncheires, or the “hundred handed” monster. For this you could create a Giegeresque creature, covered in shining armour; coiling, tree limb legs, and a hundred hands carrying a hundred sharp and devastating weapons.

Many monster tattoos show a great amount of detail in a scene, rather than just the creature itself. For instance, you could show an oozing monster dragging itself from a melting power plant; you could depict the image of the glaistig, with fangs, seductive female form, and the lower body of a goat, luring drunken men to her lair. You could also try to replicate a scene from a favored monster movie. One idea would be to mingle both classic and modern monsters; for this you might invent a small town being tormented by each creature’s particular power.

This genre of tattoo art, although generally meant to be on the scary side, is usually quite fun. This style tends to open up a good deal of imagination and creativity, and it is almost guaranteed that each piece will be entirely novel.

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