Music Tattoos, Designs, Pictures, and Ideas

Music has always been a strong part of history and culture. For this reason, many people choose to express their love of music — either as a musician, or an enthusiast — with music tattoos.

The musician will often choose music tattoos that reflect their own part in the musical process such as their instrument (guitar, drums, etc.), or musical notes. Some will even go as far as to tattoo large areas of their body with sheet music of a song with personal importance to them.

A music enthusiast may pick a similar style. However, it is not uncommon for them to express their appreciation of a favorite musician. Most bands use a font that is particular to them; this font can be used in a descriptive figure — such as the band’s logo — or simply by tattooing the band’s name in an identical tattoos

One of the most popular music tattoos are musical notes. The treble clef is used most frequently; the beautiful curves make this a stylish design. The bass clef is also used, though less frequently. It is understandable why these two signs should be so common, as they indicate the pitch of any particular score, and set the undertone to every song.

These designs are great because they can be done in so many different ways. They can be small and simple, therefore, easy to place. But many people choose to make a statement with their music tattoos and mix their passion for music with something of equal relevance in their life. Some will mix a music note with a symbol of their faith, thus expressing their devotion to both. Others will mix music with star signs, hearts, eyes, flames and anything that connects their appreciation of music with something of great value in their lives.

Some music tattoos will depict a person, or figure playing an instrument of the wearer’s choice. These are often seen with a person’s favorite musician — guitarists and classical musicians being the most popular examples of this. They may also take on a more sinister aspect, some people using skeletal figures, or the image of ‘death‘. One of the kitschier examples of this are pinup tattoos. A scantily clad woman with a guitar or microphone. This image is often intended to show the underlying sensuality of certain music.

Tattoos, like music, are an art form. And as we are prone to listen to certain songs over and over because of the way they make us feel, we may also feel compelled to get a tattoo to express the very same emotion. It just seems natural to mix these two compelling art forms to convey our deepest feelings.

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  1. Ashley Nicole Clay Said,

    I love these tatoos

  2. admin Said,

    Thanks Ashely – I love providing them for you! =0)

  3. meity Said,

    I got myself a microphone and a small music notes. It reminds me that music is a part of me and I can not live without it..

  4. arie ldani gray Said,

    i have two one on the lower hip ts of a music staff and it has my name going down the bar lines. but i love these tattoos but im lookin too get a small one that symbolizes im different fromm others but on my wrist/forearm any ideas

  5. zeke Said,

    i just created one of a treble and bass cleft ying and yang thing that i wanna get done on my upper arm

  6. Reggie Bromell Said,

    hey do u think u can make me a design for a treble cleft with music notes runnin threw it

  7. paloma Said,

    =o! the last one is from a mars volta poster! i was thinking about getting that exact same one!

  8. Courtney Said,

    LOVE the Hank Williams Sr tattoo!

  9. Tyler Said,

    These are great, my first music tat is gonna be a jack plugged in under my skin on my forearm and the cord winding around my arm ending somewhere on my midsection connected to either a 1/2 stack or a guitar, i cant decide which would have more symbolism for me

  10. riya Said,

    hi…..these tatoozz r rily amazin….kul…n kip it on!!

  11. Charity Said,

    Hi, I’m looking to get a tattoo of flow-ey style music notes and possibly the bar lines and the lyrics running through it. It would be on the top part of my back. I don’t want it too big. The lyrics are “my bright is too slight to hold back all my dark” I’m not an artist, and anything I try to draw looks like shit, could anyone come up with anything for me??

  12. Kyle Said,

    I love these tattoos. I have a bass clef tattooed on my left wrist, a treble on my right, I’m about to go get “Musica Est Vita” (“Music is Life” in Latin) across my chest and I’m looking for music based designs for my arms :)

  13. DJ Muzlo Said,

    Thanks a lot, really nice collection! I think about my own music tattoo… :)
    [ plz. delete my previous post )) ]

  14. alisha Said,

    could somebody make me a celtic-knot heart design?

  15. Taylor Said,

    How do I get the original copys of one of the tattoos?

  16. dario Said,

    can someone design a tattoo for me of a skull with big headphones on him. thanks :)

  17. Kerry-Ann Said,

    Im looking too have a tattoo of music notes goin down my back any ideas ?
    many thanx

  18. Amanda Said,

    Haha I love how my tattoo is up there! #6!

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