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Mythology tattoos are excellent for their diversity, beauty and style. To many people, this style of design can hold a variety of meanings; they may see a similarity to a certain mythological character with themselves, they may feel that the certain qualities that make up this characters’ story connects with their own life, or they may simply like how this particular story makes them feel. One thing is certain; the images that each mythological story calls forth can be translated into an exquisite piece of art.

Many people like to use Greek gods in their mythology tattoos. Two of the most popular gods are Aphrodite and Zeus. Aphrodite — or Venus — has been frequently used in art, and is considered the goddess of love. With this figure, you can use either the traditional image of a curvaceous lady with long, golden tresses, rising from from the sea; or, you can delve deeper into her history and depict the image of her saving Paris by wrapping him in a mist and carrying him away. Zeus, being god of the sky and earth, can also be shown in a variety of ways. He may be seen peering out of the clouds on to the earth, or resting watchfully from Mount Olympus. Another interesting idea would be to take a cue from Plato’s Symposium and show Zeus casting down thunder bolts to split the people below in half.

But mythology tattoos don’t stop at Greek gods. Celtic mythology also carries a good deal of colorful imagery and fascinating stories. There are many landscapes and characters that can create an amazing scene. For instance, there are several variations on the ‘Otherworld’. This landscape was said to be the home of many Celtic deities and supernatural beings. Although in myth it is undetermined as to the exact image of this location (as it was rarely seen by human eyes), one can be imaginative on where, exactly, a god or goddess would make their home. Like Greek mythology tattoos, there are many stories that can be translated into art.

Mythology tattoos, like the stories they are taken from, can be very elaborate. It is quite important to research each character and each setting, because you will likely find yourself very inspired by the depth of every story.

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